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December 16, 1982     Ajo Copper News
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December 16, 1982

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AJO COPPER NEWS Page 10 LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION XERXESCORP. The undersi..ned persons have executed and adopted Ihese art icles of incorporat ion in order Io cause t he formation of an Arizona corporation under and in accordance with Arizona law. I. Name. The name of Ihe corporation is Xerxes Corp. 2. Duration. The corporation shall have perpat ual existence. 3. Purpos and Powers. The corporation is organized for the transact ion of any and all lawful business for which corporations may be incorporated under Arizona law, and it shall have and may exercise all those cor- porate powers enumerated in Title lB, Chap- tee I. Arizona Revised Statutes. 4. Character of Business. The character of the business which the corporation initially intends aoatiy to conduct in Arizona is as follows: to acquire, invest in. manage, and diqxv, of real and personal properly. 5 Authorized Shores. The adregate number of shares which I he coprorat on sha i have authority to issue is 5000 shares wit houl par value. 6. Statutory Agent. To act as its statutory agent in accordance with Section 10-014, Arizona RevJ"d Statures; Ihe corporation appoints Alida F. Toeco. whose address is 1840 First Interstate Bank Plaza, I00 West WlLshinglon Street, PhOenix, Arizona 85003, who has been a resident of Arizona for more than three years, upon whom notices and processes may be served as provided by ap- plicable laws and rules of court. The des.tenured statutory agenl has signed these articles to evidence his notification and ac- ceptanceof that appointment. 7. Directors. The number of directors ,;hall he f xed by, or in the manner provided in the bylaws of the corporatioo. The initial board of directors shall consist of three persons, who are to serve as directors until t he firm an- nual meeting of shareholders or untd their SUCCesSOrs are elected and qualified, whose names and addresses are as follows: William E. Estes. Jr, 8257 East Broadway "1 ucson, Arizona 85710 Shirley A. Estes 8257 East Broadway TtJcson. Arizona 85710 JonGrove 8257 Easl Broadway Tucson. Arizona 85710 8. Incorporators. The following persons, , :pable of conlracting and over the age or&apos; iorilv are the incorporalors of this cor- i ralion: Alicia F. Tocco 1840 First I nterstate Bank Plaza ,00 West Washington Street PbocnJx, Arizona 85003 Irma M. Searighl 1840 First Interstate Bank Plaza 1(30 West Washington Street Phoenix, Arizona 85003 IN WITNESS WHEREOF, thee articles OF iucorporation have been signed by the in- €orporatorson November 16,1982. /s/Allcia F. TOCCO /s/Irma M. Seafight The undersigned accepts appointment as st at utory agent of t he above corporalion. /s/Alida F. Tocco + STATE OF ARIZONA) )as. Coumy of Maricopa ) The foregoing insirumcoi was =cknowiedged before me this IMh day of November, 1982, by Alicla E. Tnc't'o. /Linda G. Quino No,my Public My Commission Expiees: May 15, I(Y83 STATE OF A R IZONA ) ). County of Maricopa ) The foreloinl instrument was acknowledged before me this Ih day of November, 1982, by Irma M. Searight /s/Linda G, Quion My Commisaioo Expires May 15,19113 (A.C.C. Fded Nov, 16,19112) IPubl, Dec, 9,16. 23,19112) 5ATE OF ARIZONA ARTICLESOF INCORPORATION OF TRAE TAPE CORPORATION KNOW ALl. MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: That we, the undersigned, do hereby as.':iate ourselves together for the purpos of forming a corporation under the laws of the Slate of Arizona and do hereby adopt, sign and acknowledga the following Artick' of I ncorporat ion. ARTICLE I. The name of the corporation is TRAK TAPE CORPORATION. ARTICLE II, The duration of the corporation is per- petual. ARTICLE III. poralors are: - Sidney Y, Kohn 5151 East Broad,s ay, Stole 570 Tucson, Arizona 871 ! Connie .I. Reed 5151 East Broad ay Suite 570 Tucson, Ari/ona 8571 I IN WITNESS WHEREOF. Ihc under- signed incorporators have hercurtto signed these Articles of Incorporalion tlli,, 12th day of November. 1982. /.,/Sidney Y. Knhn /,./Connie J. Reed CONSENT TOSTATUTORY AGENT: The underGgncd hereby affirms thai hc has n advised ol'and accelts the appointment by this corporation as its Slalutorv Aenl. Sidney Y. Kohn (ACC filed Nov. 15.1982) (Puhl. [.)¢t'. 9 16.23, 1982I ARTICI ESOF INCORPORATION OF DOANEOIL. INCORPORATED ART/el.El NAME: The name of Ihe (.'orllration shall he DOANE OI1,, INCORPORATED. AR rlCI,E II PURPOSE: The purpo.€ for which Ihis corporation is organized is the t ran*,.lction of any or all hu..ins for which corlrations may be incncporated tinder the laws of the State of Arizona, as they may he amended from tinle to lilac. ARTICLE III INITIAl BUSINESS: The corporalion initially intends tO invest in expioralion ac- tiv.itics and prlYJnclion of natnral resources for consumer tlq. ARTICI ElY AUTHORIZED CAPITAl: The cor- ixlration shall ha',e attthority to P, SUe five hundred Ihon,,and (500,(NXt) shares of coo+- nnm st(k of the par value Of one ($l.(gl) dollar per share. ARTICI E V S IATUTORY AGNET: The name and address of t heinilial slalalory agent is: KATH LEEN C. ROBER rS 177 N. ('hurt:h, Suite IO lgl I ucon. Arizona 857(11 ARTICI.E VI ROARI) OE DIRECTORS: The initial hoard ol directors ".*ill con',it of I<+ (2) directoP,, fhe persons who arc Io scre ; Directors until lhe fir,,l armuaI mccltng of sh;l rclloldcrs or nnl il I heir StlCCesor , ,'ire cite- led and qualified are: Frank C. Doanc. 4975 North I.al omila. "I m'on. Ari/ona. 8.718 I estie R. I)oane, 4975 North I al omit a, I tic- son, Arizona, 85718 The initial direclors are also the incor- poralors. Da edthis Igth Day of November, I982. /',/Frank ('. Doal)e /s/t+eslic R. Doane I, Kalhleen C. Roberts. haing been desiglcd In L'I as Slalntorv Agora, hereby consen s 1o act in that capacity tint il renlocd or resignation P, suhmiltl in accordance wit h the Arizona Revised Slalates. /,,/Kathleen C. Roberts (ACt" Filed No',', 22. 1982) (Puhl. I)o:. 9.16,23, 1982) ARTICLESOFINCORPORATIONOF TRI-M AI R CONDITIONI N COR PORATION I The name of the corporation is Tri-M Air Coudit i(ming Corporalion. II The pnrpose for which this corporation is organized is the transaction of any or all |awful business for which €orporatits may be ilworporated nnder t be law, of the Stateof Arizona, as they may be amended from time tO lim. |ll • The. €o rlration .inil iallly !mends to con- duct the business OI sales and installation of air conditioning and cooling and beating cquipmenl. IV The corporation shall have authority to issue 1,000,000 shares of €ommon stock, par vahtc of $ 1.00 per share, V The name and address of the initial statutory agent of the corporation is Edward R. Marshall. 6206 Paseo Terra Aha. Ttgson. Arizona 85715. VI The place of bnsitts of Ihe corporation shall he 3740 E. 43rd Place. Tucson. Arizona 85713. VII The initial board of directors and incur* Ix'rators shall consist of tWO f,Rrsons, these perns are to serve as directors until tha firm annual meeting of shareholders or unlil Iheir successors are elecled and qnallfied. The per- sons to serve as directors and incorporators The purpose for which this corporation organized is the transaction of any or all busineys for which corporations may be in- corporated tinder the laws of the Slate of Arizona. as they may be amended from time tO time, subject to the limilarlons found in the" By-Laws of the corporation. ARTICI.E IV. The corporation inilially intends IO do the following: m=mufacluR and dislribute cies'- trieal and cable products. ARTICLE V. The amonm of capital stock of this cor. poration shall be One Million (10000,000) authorized shares of stock having no par value. Sharesshall be isaued when paid for in slsh, servk'es, real or pernal prolrtv. I,ses, oplloas to purchase, or any olher vahrabie righl or Ih for the uses and pnr- of the cocporation, and all shares of capital raock, when issued in exchange lherefor, shall thereupon and thereby beconw folly paid, the same as though paid for in cash, and shill be forever non- asr, exble. The lodgment of the Board of Direelors honest ly eXer(.'i as tO t he value of the prterty taken or servkt rendered in ex- d'moe for s.hares shall be t'oochsive in the abxen of fraud. ARTICLEVI. The name and address of the initial llatUlOry IIem of the corporation is ney Y. Kohn, E.sq., $151 Easl Broadway. Snile 570, Tucum, Artmna, 8571 I. for and on l'mlf of this corlraliort to accet and uck nowledl rvice of, and upon whom may be  all nec-essury Is or procerqes in Imy Ictlon, sail, or rn'oceeding thai llly be Of brought agamst this corporation in any of the Courts of lhe Stale of Arizona. is are: Edward R. Marshall 6206 PaseoTerra Alia Tucson. Arizona 85715 Marccila H, Marshall 6206 Paseo Terra Alia Tucson. Arizona 85715 VIII The corporation shall indemnify any Ir- son who incurs expenses by. reason Of Ihe fact he or she is or was an officer, director, em- ployec or agent of the corproation. 1"hi, in- demnit"ation shall he mandatory in all cir- cumstances in which indemnifk:alion i. per- mitted by law. Date this Igdayof Nov. 191€2. /s/Edward R. Marshall /s/Marcella H. Marshall STATE OF ARIZONA I Iss. COUNTY OF PIMA ) Edward R. Marshall nnd Marcella H. Mar- shall, being first doly sworn upm their oath depo and y: Thai they. ure tl inc'or- poralors aforemttioned; that Ihey have read the foregoing Articles of In, corporation and know the contents and that I'y have Ccnted the  for the pnrix*es therein coolalned. /s/Edward R. Marshall /s/Marccllo H, Marshall waa thSUBLeX.'RIBED and SWORN TO before is Igth day of November, 12, by Ed- R. Marshall and Marcella H. IMarhall. /s/Patly R. Person Notary Publk: My Commisskm Expir: April 18.196 I. Edward R. Mar,hiII. hosing been designated tO act as Statutory Agent. hart'by LEGAL NOTICE atlons may he incorDoraled under tflc la  ol the Stalc OI Arizona. as tne' may bc amen- dad Irom lilOC Io lime. ARTICLE III INITIAl. BUSINESSi The corrralion inilially in ends Io operale a school for lhe teaching of I he martial arts. ARTICLE IV AUTHORIZED CAPITAL: The cor- poralion shall have aulhorily IO issnc one million (I,000,000) ,;hares of common slnck of the par ',alue of one (SI.00) dollar per share. ARTICLEV STATUTORY AGENT: The name and addres' of Ihe inifial st at ulory agenl is: KATHLEEN C. ROBERTS 177 N. Church. Suite I(0 Tucson. Arizona 85701 ARTICLE VI BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The initial board of directors wig consist of two 12) directors. The percms who are to serve as Directors nntil Ihe first annual meelin$ of shareholders'or until Iheir successors are elec- led and qoalified are: REX L. VEEDER 5761 E. Mabel Tncon, Ariznna 85712 SUSAN J. VEEDER 576/E. Mabel Tucson. Arizona 85712 L The initial direclors are also the incor- poralor. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we. the un- dersigned Incorporalors of the ,,aid Cor- poralion, have executed these Articles of In- corporation, this 10day of Novemher. 1982. /s/Rex L. Veeder /s/Susan J. Veeder SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO before me by REX L. VEEDER and SUSAN J. VEEDER, on the IOIh day of November, 1982. /s/nOl readable NOTARY PUBLIC My Commission expires: April 5.1985 I. KATHI.EEN C. ROBERTS. having been designaled to act as Slatulory Agenl, hereby consents tO act in Ihal capacily umi[ removed or resignation is submitled in accordance v,/Ih the Arizona Revised Slat ules. /s/ Kalhlecn C. Roberls (a.c.c. filed November 19,1982) (Publ. December 9, 16.23, 1982) ARTICLESOF INCORPORATION OF" HAROLDTRIEF, M.D., P+C. ARTICLE| NAME The name of the corporalion is Harold Trier, M.D., P.C.. ARTICLE II PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION The corporation is formed as a professional corporation under the provisions of A.R.S. eclions 10-9OI ihrongh 10-909. and lhe corporation shall be subject 1o all the requirements established by such Sections. ARTICLE III PURPOSE The purpose for which lbe corporation is organized is IO engage in Ihe praclice of medicine and services ancillary thereto. In addilion Ihe corporalion may in ils own name invesl ils funds in real estate, mortgages. sin€ks, ltlKls, or any other tyr of inverd- meal, and my own real or 1 property necessary or appropriate for rendering ils pro fessi,mlal rvice. ARTICLE IV INITIAL SERVICES The corporation initially inlands to con- dln.l Ibe lrofessiomd service of the practice of medidne. " " ARTICLEV CAPITAL STOCK The eorporalion shall have aulhority to issn¢ ',000 shares Of €onlmon slock with no par valoe. ARTICLEVi rATUTORY AGENT The name of Ibe inilial SlalUIory alenl of II1€ €orporaliofl is Daniel H. O'Conoell, O'Connell & Associates, P.C., wh¢ ad- dress is 5656 Eas! Grant Road, Suile 300. Tncson, Ariozna 85712. ARTICLE VII KNOWN PLACE OF BUSINESS The known place of business of the €or- poration shall be 501 North Plucita Diaz, Tucson, Arizona 85718. ARTICLE VIII BOARD OF DIRECTORS The initial board of directors shall consist of one director. The number of persons Io serve on the board shall I hereafter be fixed by t he shareholders at I heir ann ual meet ing. T he r.,¢rson who is io rve as direct or until the fir- annual'meelina of shareholders or nmd hts socesuw is elected and qoalif' t Harold Trid'o M.D., whose address is 5081 North Plucita Diaz. Tucson, Arizona 85718. The corporation shall be governed by Ihe board of directors eiecl ed by I he shareholders and represented hy officers elecled hy Ihe board. ARTICLE IX PROFEFSSIONAL PRACTICE All shareholders, directors, officers, agen- ts and employees lexcept ancillary per,,onnel as defined by A.R.S. Sc'clion IO-9021 of the corporation shall be individually licensed in I he st at e of Arizona to pract ice medidoe. ARTICLEX LIABILITY EXEMPTION The private property of shareholders shall beexcempI from liability for corporatedebls, ext.'epl asset forth in A.R.S. Secl ion IO-905. ARTICLE XI DISSOLUTION The corporallon shall cease tO eXiSt upon 1 II1€ flrsl IO happen Oil be foIk',wlog evenls: (al The dealh of Ihe laSl sUrviviog shareholder; (b) Voluntary or involuntary diw, olution por- suam In the laws governing 111€ same for Arizofla private corpolrallons organized for profit. ARTICI.E XII TI'OK REDEMPTION The board of directoe may, from lime to Ilo, t."anse Ihe Corlxtsalion to purclmse ils own s1111"€ IO I[1€ IcoI of Ihe unr'wved and unrestricted earned and capital surplus of th¢corporatlon. ART/CLE XIII STOCK TRAIISFE R RESTR ICT IONS The shares of 1he COrporatirm may be tramferred to persons individually IK-msed in lhe slate of Arizona Io praetk, e rnedicie.e: provided° however. Ihal Ihe shnreholder may by wrilten agreemenl provide limitallon, on Ihe issunoce and tran- mgh ,,rvk'e of proce or notice or aceept an- ee Iher by the agent endorsed thereon to II same force and effect as if served qam Ihe president and secretary of this cor- ixnttnu. ARTICLE VII. " bridal board of directors will consist of lWO(2) direclor. The parsons who are to ser- ve as directors nntil Ihe firm annual meeting of shortw*ders or onli| Iheir sucH's are elled  qualified are: Sidney V. Kohn 5151 East Broadway, Stlile 570 T t-'?-,On, Arizona 8571 I Connie J, Reed $151 East Broadway. Suite 570 Tucson. Arizona 8571 I VIII. The  Ind Iddeess o f each of I be ira:or. €'valsefll It+ acq in that capacity nmil removed sferabilitv of shares of Ibe corporalion and or resignalion is snhmilted in accordance • may provide for the redemption of sUCh whh Arizona Revival alnl. /s/Edward R. Marshall (A.C.('. filed Nov. 22. ITS21 (Pctbl. Dec. 9. 16.23 19821 ARTICLESOF INCORPORATION OF HWARANG, INC. ARTICLE I NAME: The tmma of the Corporation shallha HWARANG, INC. ARTICLE !1 PURPOSE: The puclX for which Ihis €or- poration is orggnb.,'d is tha traltn:tlon of • my or all Iwfd bu for whic5 .rtr; shares by thecorporation. ARTICLE XIV REQUIREDSTOCK TRANSFER Wilhin nim..ly days following Ih¢ dealho in- sanily, hankroptt'y, retirement, rignatitm, expulsion or other k'gal disqnalir:ation of a shareholder, all of the shares of such shareholdec shall he transferred to a or per,s individually licensed in the state of Arizona io practice medk.in¢ or soch shares shall be acquired by 111€ corpofatkm. Prior Io such I rlmsfer or Iequiil ion. snch shares shall nor be enfitled IO b F voted. In the evenl .'h transfer or ucquisitm shall nol rn.llr v;tlhln sm.'h ninety day period, the corporation shag I re dean1 such shares, and Ibe byhtwa of III€ t'YTKalion llll fi *he method of COrn- LEGAL NOTICE pUl log i he pt ice and I hc ¢hedllle ot lavn]etu o[uch price. AR T I(. I I=X¥ INCORP()RA fOR ]he hlcorpor;nor tl the corporalIot i Harold Trief, M.D.. ho,,e address is 5081 Norlh Placila l)iaz,[ucon. Arizona 85718. DA felt: Nosember 18, 1982. Is/Harold Tricf, M. D. (ACC. Filed No. 19, 1982f (Puhl. I).'. 9.16.23,19821 ARIZONA SUPERIOR (OURT, PIMA COUNTY NO. P9942 NOTI('E TO CREDITORS IN TtlE MATTER OFTHE ESTATE OF KURTG. RIECHERS Deca.d NOTICE IS GIVEN that the nndecsigntJ has hcen appointed personal rcprnlative Of thi eslate. All person having claim,, againsl the estate arc required to presem their claims v. ithin font inonl hs af- ter the dale of Ihe firsl puhlication of Ihi mulct or the claims v.ill be forever barred. Claims must he presented by delivering or mailing a wril ten sl al emem of I he claim I o I he nndeP, igned permal reprenlalive al Ihe address Ib,ted helov-. DATED: 2 Dect'mher 1982 /s/Monlague E. DavP, Allorney P,O, Bo' 30215. Eucson Arizona R575 I (Puhl. Dec+ 9. 16.23. 1982) ARTICLESOF INCORPORATION TYRUS. INC. The undersigned persons have executed and adopted these art ides of in¢orporalion in order to cause the formation of an Arizona corporalion under and in accordance with Arizona law. I. Name. The name of the corporation is Tyrus Inc. 2. Duration. The corporalion shall have perpat ual exist ence. 3. Purposes and Powers. The corporation is organized for the transaction of any and all lawful business for which corporations may be incorporaled under Arizona law. and it shall have and may exercise all those cor- porate powers enumerated in Title 10. Chap- Ier I. Arizona Revised Slalutes. 4. Character of Business. The character of the business which lhe corporatinn initially intends actually to conduct in Arizona is as follows: Io acquire, invesl in, manage and dispose of real and personal properly, 5, Authorized Shares. The aggregate num+ her of shares which the corporation shall have authority to issue is 9.000 shares wit houl par value. 6. Statutory Agent. To act as its statutory agent in accordance with Section 10-014, Arizona Revised Statutes, the corporation appoints Alicia F. Tocco, whose address is 1840 First Interstate Bank Plaza, 100 Weal Washington Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85003, who has been a resident of Arizona for more than three years, upon whom notices and processes may be served as provided by ap- plicahle laws and rules of court. The designated statutory asent has signed these Articles to evidence his notification and ac- ceptanceof Ihat appointment. 7. Directors. The number of directors shall LEGAL NOTICE Thursday, Deeember 16,1 LEGAL restatement ofinf'orrnallon ot nc aulhor++). <t/ nc I aulhori,'ed and for Ihal purpose submits the I'oiiov.ing slalemenl : (60) day rriod. FIRST: rhis applicalion An original ap- " ' ARTICLEV plicalion putsuanl to A. R.S. Sec. I0- I I0. There shah he a SECOND: The name of Ihe :orporation ;s Vice GOODRICK ROOFINGCOMPANY who shall also nerve as THIRD: If lhe name of the corporalion lralion. does nol €onlain the word "asscrciation , TheannualmeclingoflheBoard( "hank'. "corporation'. "company'. "incor- Iors Of Ih¢ corporation shall he On porated', or "limited" or does not contain an day of October each abhrevialion of one of such words, then the Ihe ",'ear 1982, and on name of t he corporation wilh Ihe word or ab- every year thereafter brevjalion which il elecls to add Ihereto for The Board of Dir hall use in this slale is______ obligalion of meeting and FOURTH: It is incorporated under Ihe laws By-Laws of of NEWMEXICO. shall be appro'ved hy a FIFTH: The date of its incorporation is shareholder. December 17. 1962 and the period of ils The names andaddressesoflhe z duration is 100years. are: SIXTH: The address of its principal office PHIL KISLAK in Ihe jurisdiclion under the laws of the slale 5180 North Soldier Trail or coumy in which it is Jncorporaled is 3401 TtR'son. Arizona Vassar NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico DAVIDGERSON 87107. 297 North Court Avenue Fiscal Year End December 3 I, 1982. Tucson, Arizona SEVENTH: The address of the proposed ARTICLEVI known p1=ice Of business in Arizona is: 4805 The private properly of any E. Broadw,ay,Suite100,Tncson, AZ857OI. ricer; employee or member EIGHTH: The name and addres. of the poralion0 shall forever be proposed statulorv agent in Arizona is: Ed and all corpOsale debts and Ikrger 4905 E. Broad,, ay, Suile 100, Tucson. anykindwhatOever. AZg5701. ARTICLE VII This NINTH: i ne ¢orprwatttm ts organized for t he GERSON, purpose(s) of. and a brief slalement of the Avenue. Tncu'm. Arizona 85701. ] character of the business which the cur- been It bonl fide resident of the. poralion inilialty inlands Io conduct in Arizona for the pasl Ihree (3) Arizonais: statutory agent for Ihe Slale of New roofing and reroofing, this will inclnde v, aterproon8 and sheetmeta/. The foregoing appointment and the transaction of all lawful business for al any time upon the filing of an which corporalions may be incorporaled un- t ment of Successor. der Ihe Arizona Bosiness Corporation Acl. ARTICLE VIII TENTH: The names and respective ad- The principal of bnsin¢ dresses of ils directors and officers are: 5180 North Soldier Trail, Tncsrm. Nicolas S. Sanchez President or al such other 3401 Vassar NE Slate of Arizona as may he Date of Taking Office 3-81 time Io time by t h Arden Nelson ARTICLE IX Vice Preidem The incorporators of ! he cur 3401 Vassar NE PHIL KISLAK Date of Taking Office 3-81 51 gO Nort h Soldier Trail Li]a J. Sanchez Tucson, Arizona Secretary DAVIDGERSON 3401 Vassar NE 297 NorlhCourl Avenue Dateof Taking Office 3-81 Arizona Nicolas A. Sanchez tN WITNESS WHEREOF wet Treasurer signed 34OI Vassar NE dayofSeptember. 1982. Date of Taking O if ice 3 -81 /s/PhilKislak ELEVENTH: The aggregate number of /s/DavidGerson 198) shares which i+ has authorized to issne (A.C.C. filed Sept.22, ,, ilemized by classes, par value of shares, (Publ, Dec. 16.23.30,15,t shares without par value, and series, if any, wilhin a class is: ARTICLESOF I Number of Shares 25,000 OF Class- COMMON AMERICAN ENERGY Series ..... INC. Par Vahle Per Share or Slate Thai Share,, Are ART ICI.E I Without Par Value$10.00 The name of the corporation TWELFTH: The aggregate num'K'r of/Is Energy Resourc'¢", Inc. issued shares, itemized by classes, par value ARTICLE II of shares, shares wilhout par vain€, and The pnrpose Col series, ifany, withinaclassis: organized is the Iranzaction of I Number of Shares 5,800 husiness for ClassCOMMON corporaled under Ihe laws Series ..... Arizona. as they may Par Value Per Share or Stalement That totime. Shares Are Without Par Value I0.00 ARTICLE III be fixed by, or in Ihe manner provided in, the THIRTEENTH: The amount of its stated oblawa of the €Oqrltloa. The initial board capital as defined in the Arizona Business directo shall ¢omi of two .who Corporatin Aet is $100,000 are to serve as directors unlil the first annual FOURTEENTH: The application is ac- mein$ of slulrehoiders or umil lheir Jl¢- companied by a copy of Jls Articles of lucor- ix)ration and all amendmems thereto, duly authenticated by the proper officer of the Slate or Conmy under the laws of which il iS iucoqorated. FIFTEENTH: Has any I,rmoo(s) (al ser- via R under by election or appoimmem as an offK'er, direclor or trustee, incorporator of Ihe corporalion or, (b)Conlrolllo| or holding 20 of lbe'p¢op¢ielary, beneral or mere. cessofs are elected and qualified, whose nantes and addresses are as follows: William A. Emes, Jr. 127 Et Broddwly Tucson, Arizona 837 l0 Shirley A. Estes 8257 East Broldwly Tucson, Arizon185710 g. Incorpor=tofs. The following persons, capable of €ontracting and over the  of bership imettt in the corlxmuion, served in majority, are the incorporators of this cot.. =my such capadly Of held such intereSl in any poralion: eorporalion which has beqm placed in A/ida F, To'o bimkrulcY or receivership or had its charter IIMOFirsl Imerstal¢ Bank PIm revoked? 100West Washington Street No Phoenix, Arizona85003 SIXTEENTH: Under penalties of law. I Irma M, Scaright declare that I will comply with the provisions TMO First Ioterslat¢ iok Plaza ofA.R.S. Sec. 10-128.OI. 100WeslWashingtonslreet -Under penalties of law, I declare that I Phoenix, ArizonaS003 have examined Ihis application and In Ihe IN WITNESS WHEREOF, tbe articles - best of my knowledge and belief it is trot. of in¢orporition have been sigf,d by the in- correcl ind complete. The duct the owning and operating gas produ¢inI prol.. Jes United $ ARTICLE IV A. The corporation shall have i soe 2 no par value. B. Shares wilhoul par value t may be fixed from time to sharebolders of t ha coqor=t lo- ARTICLE V Ibe name of the initial the coepocalion is Thonma M, address is40 West Ffanhlin, Tucson. Arizona 85703. ARTICI.E VI The known place of bosine . poralion shill be 6373 Easl Suile 150, Turn, ARTICLE VII A.T sist of Ihree (3) direClOrs. The P meeting of shareholders, or i cessors etecled and respactive I Andrew J. Katie 6373 East Tanque Verde Suile 150 Tucson, Arizona 85715 Role'el L. Hansen ..=tilt Suite 1506373 Easl Tanoee'- Tucson, Arizona g5715 David Harden 95 Calle Primorosa Tucson. Arizona 85716 B. The number of persons Ihe manner r.rovided in the B C. The Board of Director tbe corporalor on November 30. 1982. Ahcia F. Tocco /s/Irma M. Sright The undersigned accepts uppolotment as stalutory agem of t he above corporation. /s/Alidl F. TUCCO STATE OFARIZONA ) County of Maricopa ) The foregoing inslrumenl was a:knowledged before me this OIh day of November, 1982. by Alicia F. Tocco. Marian D. Jones Notary Public My Commisaion Expires: Ocl. I, 1986 STATEOF ARIZONA ) )ss. County of Maricopa ) The foregoing inslrumenl was acknowledged before me this 30th day of Novemher. 192, by Irma M. Searight. Marian D. Jones My Commission Expires: Oel. I. I (ACC Nov. 30. Ig2) (Publ. Dec, 16,23,30,192) UNITEDSTATES DEPARTMENT OF THE INTER IOR Buru of Land Manqemem AriZOna State O f r-- 2400valley Bank Center Phoenix, Arizon1850"t 3 Under Ibe provisions of the Receealion and Public Porpos Act or June 14, 1926, as Imtended (43 U.S.C. 1169; el .,q.), the Why Ulilily Company, P.O. BOx 7128, Why. Arizona 85321, has filed l4icmion A-91)59 to purchase 120 acres of public land derihed as follows: T. 13 S.. R, 5W.0 GSR Mer.. Arizona SeXton 25. SE '/, NE , E '/ SE ',, This notice is for the purpose of allov.'ing all per,ns having a clilm on this land In file their claim in this office. Any claim should be Bd wJlh evk: lhil a copy lhereof has served on the alicont within 30 days from thadateofflr Imblk'at ion. Firm Publication: De,mher 2,1952 /s/Gkndon E. Collins Chief. Divisio of Operations This notice is to be Published ol'e cach week for four consecutive weeks in the Ajo Cor4wr News, P.O. Box.t9. Ajo. Arizona 85321. (Publ. Dec. 16,23,30.111112. Jam. 6,13) DATED: August 16. 1982 G(X)DRICK ROOFING COMPANY BY:/s/NicolasS. Sanchez President BY:/s/Lila Sauchez Srelary STATE OF New Mexico I ) ss COUNTY OF Berrmlil ) The foregoing instrument v, as acknowledged before me this 251h day of August, 1982, by Nicolas S. Sanchez/Lda J. Sanchez of Goodrich Roofing Co.. Inc. a Ne, Mesico corporalion. /s/Jayne S. Tolle Notary Public My Commission expires: Nov. 22. 1982 I. Edward B. Ikrger, having been designed to act as Statutory Agenl. herehv con. senls 10 act in that capacity unlit remdve0 or resignalion is submitled in accordance wilh t he Arizona Revised St al Ules. /s/Edward B. Berger FILING FEE: $.0.00 STATUTORY REFERENCE: A.R.S. SEe. I0-110, I0-11 I, 10-118. SUBMIT ORIGINAL ANDONEOR MORE COPIES TOGETHER WITH ORIGINAL CER- TIFICATE OR DISCLOSURE. (ACC filed Nov, |g, 191]€2) IPubl, Dec. ARTICLESOF INCORPORATION OF . BLUE SPRUCE, INC. That we Ih¢ undersigned, having associated ourselves together for Ihe purp,t=',,'se of forming a €orporallon under and by virtue' of the laws of i he State of Ariz¢ona, do hereby adopt the following Arficle of Iocor- poraticat: ARTICLE I The name of Ihe corporalion shall he BI+UESPRUCE, INC. ARTICLEII The ptrpo for which this ¢orporalion is organized shill be the t san.qKlion of any and all lawful bllills for which CorpOsatioOS may be incorporated under the laws of the State of AriT:olm and a Ihey may be antertded from t in' 1o fiane.. The general ttlre Of bosi,e io be co,- dueled by the €orpor4aion is rite buying and rling of real estaleet he deve' of aid ...... real enle, and tM building of homes for reie. / ATICLE Ill Aulborized capital. The CWrlXWlllion drill have anthority to issue One Hnndred Thonmd (100,000) shar of common st oc-k wil h a par valoe of One Dollar ($ 1.001 each. ARTICLE IV All shat-'hoide shill hive preemplive right as IO all existing and/or new shares isstR'd or aut hortzed. All sharehotder shall he obligated Io give Ot her shareholders the righl of first refuel as tO Ihe purchase of exisling ,hares or righ! of Application f'of Authority of Cdrich Roof'mg Compnll. TO: CORPORATION COMMI.SION.. STATE OF ARIZONA P.O. Box 6019.. Phoenix, Ari/on 85005 purxuam Io the provisions of,,S¢cliom IO- IIO. I0-111 and IO-IIg. Arizorla Ilshts Corporation At.'=, lhe undersigned cOf-  hereby allies for aolh4N'hy to Iron. ugt bmine in yore stme. or files I minuted by actsof t he ARTICI.E VIII The Ihcir respect ire addresses are: Andrew" J. Katie 6373 East T=mqoe Verde Suite 150 Tt'son, Arizona 85715 Robert L. Harmen 6373 Easl TarKIoe Verde Suile 150 Tncso, Arizona 83715 ARTICLE A. The fat1 he is or was demnirKatlon shall be comtuoc mitred by law. B, The Berd of porallom may, from time cfn"llKWIt ion tO plIr IN pose laws of signed, ctxlit mi corporation. Incoq¢=io Ibis IgR2. /s/Andrew J. Kuck /s/Roherl L. HanKm (A.C.C. filed Dec AJO COPPER