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June 24, 1982     Ajo Copper News
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June 24, 1982

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" "  ! Thursday, June24, 1982 R NEWS, page 11 00.NOTICE LEGAL-NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE conduct of business nol inconsistenl with the on Jm I s 1982 he foil .... pc ...... B,I ............. d ........ h .......... mna)agenlenlPolOllceomOrn tahreasCatinna .... ot the Iorel.Crd pnrpo .... purposes e ...... ted above; and to perform .... were aH ot her deeds incident and convenient to Ih , RATION eleoeddirector, of ihe corporation to ``erxc iromthwetotime, iudemnilvanvlrwon,ho MaroSquarellCondominium; OFFICFRS general nature of the businer, as et out OF .TION have lhis day purpose corporation under laws of the Slate of I parpoe do hereh'. In,r poe an. [[ I CONDOMINIUMs F BUSl NESS , hall be at Y, Arizoua. ICI.E III Whieh thi corporation for (he care and nSan Ihe colleclion ol the of the bank within San Marco e inleresls of the owner n Marco Square I respect IO Ihe ubdivision and Marco Square I kaymem of [ages, if ! PAtrrKl, ses and inlent of Horizontal Prope'r ly Con- of San Marco Sqoare uly2, 1981; subject to such are, or may be exfrci. such olber lpou the of t he corporat ion; receive, take and unld the firsl annual meetine of the member of I he corporalion: John Bogart, 297 N, Court Tuc. Az 8570 I WII_I.IAM GANSI INt: DAV I D GF.RSON The said directors ,.o elecled shall hold ott ice unld Ihe first anlttlat meeunu ot Hic cor- poration and unlit their successor shah haxc heen elect cd a nd qtlahlled (c) The Board of I)ireclor ,,hall he elct cd from the member,,hip oi the corporaHoll ;v the allntlat meetin of lhe corporation 1 hc annual meeling of the inember ol IhC to r potation hall be the firsl TIIed;x iI: FehruarL (d) The anmml met'ling ol Hie Board of [Tirectorx hal| be held annoailx, on |he t lrl Tuesday in Februar ie) Ttle Board of Directors hall e,eroc all I)OWeTS UO| expresqy ,it hheld 1tom them h\\; la-. or hv the,,e Article , ol IncorporalIorl. O long an Mich power are nol in onflicl wtlh any of t he foretoing IVOer  anti pur poe. ARTICI.[ VII OFFICERS lal The officer', ol Ihe corlwaion qall cons s of a president, vice presidl. crelarv and lrea*qlrer, who ,,hall he cleclec by the Board of Dire,trots and ,.hall hold o- lice for one year or unlil their ,,uccessors shall have been elected aml qualified. Any two or more offic may be held b the same person, except the offices of preqdenl and ecretary. (hi All vacai that may occur m the Board of Directors or in any office may be filled by the remaining director, and I he per- r.on so chosen to fill a vacancy ,,hall ,rc during I he unexpired term of I his predecessor or umil a successor is elect ed and quail fled. (el The Board of Director shall have the power from time to time IO provide for Ol her officers of the corporation, including but nm limited to one or more assistant vice pro, iden-. Is, one or more assi,dant 'retarie% and one or more asislant trcasorers. The lrsOUS elected tO such ot'fiC need not he meraherr of the Board of Directors. ARTICI.E VIII LIMITATION OF [.IABII.ITY The members of Ihe corporation shall forever be telttpl front all corporate dchl and liabilities. ARTICI-!- I X INDEBTEDNESS Tbe highest amount of indebiedne's or bilitv direct or conlingcm, to whk'h this lion is at any time tO subject it.ll shall he the sum of Two Million Dollar,, grant, gift. put- ($2,000.(1O.00L Iransfer. or other- ARTICI.EX situate. The OWn or hold more real ihe !, t:ouvey, mortgage. and p ybe make, ao:epl, bond,,, deben- eschane, and othff for monir',. for properly pur of ttW payment of mortgagg, pledge. or olher in- I enforce a,, may I U- r .uch rule may any c'ondition or with shall he a non- caDital of the COt benefh of, or be director% of- l%an% excepl that |%UhManllal parl or ,hall be the publishing- or any political of ,6f dlall all tlum my mpm't. thaB I er. nmhe Itemlt B ttt s focetcN STATUTORY AGFNT David Gerson. th _4rt AV.r.tm Tucn. Arizona. hohas -n a bona fide reqdem of" the State of Arizona for at lea,q three year% is hereby appointed S alnlory Agenl of the Corporation for ihe State of Arizona. The Board of DirkloP, may at II option evoke och appointment and shall have the power to fib ,uch vacant'.. ARTI('I EXI EXISTENCE The corporntion 'flall have perpetual ' esistence. ARTICI.E Xll INCORPORATORS The names and iIlre, of the tO.'Of pOrlllO are as follow',: WII.I.IAM GANSLIN 6201 PamO Vento'*o Tut.w, on, Arizona #5715 DAVIDGERSON 297 Non h Cort Avcnoe Tucson. Art/ann 85701 ARTICt.E Xtll INCONSISTENCIES II1 II1 event Iha iny wlrl or arot'iion of th Article', are iu conl.'t or iw,:.,i,,tm't wilh the Declaration. the lerms anti provision,; of the Declaration ,;hall pre,,ail aud superced *nch conflicting or iw.:on- iMeul provisions heren f. ARTICLE XlV AMENDMEN IS Subject to the terms aud condiliOJIZJl:l forlh, and eapresslv subiecl Io the terms and couditiOa ttOn'-, the A- tick of Incorlxwation may be amended, allered (ttr repealen only fly Ih atltrmalo.e vote of a maiorit' of t he vote,, of t he mmmber of the A,,sx'lat ion then enlilled to vote at any rtatllar or srial mina, In person or hv proxy, and if required h la. ,after puhlica.on m a Per havina aeneral ctrculation in Pima County, Arizona. ARTICI.E XV BY.I.AWS Th iflilial Bv-I aw o f the A s,ocial IOn may be adopted hv tbe Board of [)irectors, hereto dgaattl. Arendnlnt% alleratious arKI 1 Of the Bv-Law. may be made .only upon the affirmative vme of maiorny of volts of the memher of the Axsociatiolt ,INCh cnlit tO vote It any rklllae or qt%'ial meeting, in per'on or hv peosvi The Bv-l.aws aRd lily amodn%'llts or alleralios t he-reID nnlI be vaikl only in t'oistem ith the ,Declaratk awl the Ank, les of Intx'tr. pofal ion. IN WITNESS WNEREOF. we have heretmlo  out Idlllt(h Ihi I. day of January, 12. IsllvidGeron /Nillim hrmlin (A..C. flk'd Jan. IL Iql IPbi. lent I0, I?. 24:112) ARTIC INODRPORATION - OF IJNDANCE ORAPHIC ENTIERPRI'. IN(.', ARTICLE ONE NAME lrhe me of the earlmmton i SUN- DAJ'E GIIPIH IC ENT1ERPRISIES. INC. ARTK1.E 1two OURTION ARTIOLE TlfllEE IqBIPOE The pmlpme for Mc the ceimrmlorl faetlml  dte t of atw md Mi htta , for aaclt tmoratim  ,rimm w tha ma Im ammdl from tim tothl. . ARTK1.E FOUR INITIAl. IIUNE of ther Of" the rathe total voles or be titan emmlr from crxilina of such Bmlrd of Dir'- Bv- Arittm, recurs epellSe bv reason ot Ihe fa,:t 1hal tie or she is or was an officer; direcIor, employee. aaenl of | he corpor at on. ARTICI F [,I(;H I ( ORP(IRAT[" I)E B I-S I he ratc pror' ot the incorporator',, qtkholdcr,, d=rector, and oflwer ot this coroOraltoll hall he escnml |ronl corporale ARTKI [ NIN[" S FATUTORY A(iFNT The name and address o be snnsal ,ratlllOr. acenl of the }rporallOn t Richard C Hears. Auornc al I as. 5055 last Broadv*'a. f ucon. Artona g57 i L ARII( I l- Yl.% KNOWN PI A(I" Of" BUStNkSS The knon p|ace of httme o| the col poratloa halhnltlallv I" 817 f'al Broadway, Tiicott. Arizona 85"719, ARTt(I I" FI I'VI-N BOARDOF DIRI'( TORS The ntlrnher ol pcrson h) ere on tile Board ol Otro:tol ot the corporallor ``hall he fixed hv the B',lat The inmat Board of Directors halt corP*tl ol tour (4) I)rector,. The per'on who hall sere a Director, unltl [he fiPq aflnua] meeltn of hareholder or u nt i1 t heir ucceors a re eleeled are: AI_AN E. HOWARD 1091 Wesl Sahara Palms Dove Tucson. Arizona gS"70a WALTE R A. STRONG III $51 Council Hill Road Dundee, IIhnoi hOI Ig WII I_ITS J. GRETSCHMANN 168 Hines Street El|swort h. Wisconsin 54OI I JOHN H. DAVIS 2751 West Monle Vista Tote, on. Arizona 85704 ARTICLE TWEINE INCORPORATORS The original incorporators of the cot poration are 111 following: ALAN E. HOWARD 1091 Wt Sahara Palms Drive Tucson. Arizona 85704 RUTH E. HOWARD 1091 West Sahara Palm, Drive Tucson, Arizona 85704 WAI,TER A. STRONG Ill 6Sl Council Hill Road Dundee. Illinoi.60118 WII.I.IT J. GRFTCHMANN 168 Hine'. St reel EIIsworth, Wi,.-onsin 5401 I SOUTHERN ARIZONA GRAPHIC  LNC.. AN Arizona cot'wation 1002 Home Federal Tower. 32 North Stone: Avenue Tucson, Arizona 85701 IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Ihe inor- porator,, hase ,itncd their name*; hereto on ihedates indlcaled beloL /s/ALAN F, HOWARD /s/RUTH E. HOWARD /s/WALTER A. STRONG Ill /s/WII.I.ITS J. GRETSCHMAN N SOUTHERN ARIZONA GRAPHI(' ASSO( IATFS. I NC. /s/John H. Da , Presl(ienl STAFE OF ARIZONA ) )r. COUNTYOF PIMA I AI.AN E. HOWAR.._.TH __E-.. HOWARD, WALTER A. STRONG Ill, and SOUTHERN ARIZONA GRAPHIC ASSOCIATES, IN('.. by and through ils President. JOHN H. DAVIS. dt ly authorized hv its Board of Direclor. upon heir oalhs dcpo and ,av: Tha Ihey are in- cor.worator of Ihe corporation identified herinapovc; Ihat they have read she foregmna Article., of Incorporation and UOW theconlem x 1hereof; and that they have executed ihe ,,ame for Ihe porpo.t's slated berem. /s/AI.AN E. HOWARD //RUTH E. HOWARD //WAI,TER A, STRONG 111 SOUTHERN ARIZONA GRAPHIC A/.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.K IA f ION, IN(." By/s/JOHN H, DAVIS Pre'*tdent SUBSCRIBED, SWORN TO AND ACKNOWLEIX;ED before me ! his lot h day of March. 12, b A|_AN E. HOWARD. /s/Richard (-'. Henry Nmarv Puhhc My Commis,,ion Expir t: 3-$-5 SUBSCRIBED. SWORN TO AND ACKNOW IE IIED hel'Ore me I hi., Ioth day of Mah 1982 b3.TH E. HOWARD /s/Lots C. Me-adV - - 4qolary Pubis ,v Commiio Expir: Oct, 15. Ig$ SUBSCRIBED. SWORN TO AN'I . ACKNOWI .E f'K;ED befor me t his lOt h day of March. 1982, hv WALTER A. STRONG Ill, /.dRk'hard C. Henry Nelary PuMic MyCommissiou Expires: 3-$-85 SUBSCRIBED, SWORN TO AND ACKNOWLEIX;ED hefore me thi 22nd day of March, Ig2, by SOUTHERN ARIZONA GRAPHIC ASSOCIATES. INk('.. b  thltlgh ds PR, sid, enl, JOHN H. DAVIS. / *d Dor m hv Lmimki Notary. PuMk My Commsion Ex: I I / I $/115 STATE OIF WI.K.'ONSI N ) _ . slm. OlJm (IF PlERClE ) WiI.LIT J, ORE'IPSCHMNN, tleir, lir dly me. upo Ids 1 lmm ml m: tat he I im imnrator bit 1he or. porma Idenafled tml4dm. Ihal he hal atl t lw feft.ail An k of laerltel  md km he mate ttm, a that he hat t.:umed Ihe umfm'the slated tlm'em, 'X heroea ale lat j$ day' St"NkON. Itm R RelMm MyC tllm, maaem. I/UC Mm. 29,111121 N. Jim le, rt . 4.191) " ARTICLI OV fl'OIt IIA'rlON The oclmrmtm iiall tmmb m tea- t' htcliNelodrcPrimlnIlaRd. RN:.MARCO ,eUARE II CON- .filhnlmly. iXIINIUM$ ARTIE1.E IE IHIOMEOWNI ASSOCIATION AUTHORIZEDCAPITAL corpmmiem dutU have imtt,,my to iue one million (I o.01  of cnm- mem,m'k, no Ir value. ARTII,E SIX PRE-EMPT|VE RIGHTS The holdee frorll lile Io I of Ihe t'onlo mere uctk of the om'I(11 ,,tll tut Iv- llive right a I1 Io the common or preferred aoch n or henmficr atakoriid to he Prised, No R,WIOa of the  of Oi- whk:h pre-emptive righls shall altlh may require such righls Io he tt Ct 'ir,l witch k'' than nmet y (90 daw. ARTICLE SEVEN INDEMNIFICATION COrlratiou, within Ihe 'olte and IO 1he Cxtenl allowl bY Ihe laWS af the Stale Of Arizrma and a may he ,,el forlh in he We, the underdl'd, have th day  @wsteN't rolL.her for t he Pntltos of tmmla8 a aDo.Wait cmlnatoa und and I to 1he Im of the SlOth of nd foe Ihat ptmpme do i theft Anicof Innmmiam. AItTICL I NAME name of Ih ffl'at  XhlB he SAN MARCO SQUARE !1 CONDOMINIUMS HOMEOWNERS ASS(X'I ALTON. ARTICLE II PI.ACE OF BUSINESS TIw IwiOilll pl't of buxin shall be at T-,4. PimaConmy. Arinma. ARTICLE III PURPOt.S purrKx,, for whK'h 1his corporalion are fornld ire &s follows: Ibl To provide for the collecuon of aemenl and for Ihe expenditure of the fun(t of Ihe a.sciallon; Io maintain a bank accoom or accoum; (el 10 assist m I he enforcemcm of hu din -trlcllon and conenanl within San Mar. co Square II Coudommums; (d) To promole Ihe inlereM of Ibe owner', of propernes within San Marco Square II Condominium', wih res,ec to the beatltlfJcallon of the ,uhdP, ilon and Mlrro|lndlnt ar'a,: (el To provlde reformation 'o owners of properHes v. uhm Ihe San Marco Square It (ondominitml, with reSlWI IO molters affec- tmg the u of and cnios mere of he land: (f) TO provide for the oamenl of taxes, if any, upon ihe common area: (al TO car'v OUt Ih purpo'e and iriten of ihe Declaration ol Hori/ona! Pr)per v Regime tofether V*lth the ('oenalltn, ('On dittonsand R,,trtttonot San Mar:o Square II Condomimum, dated ,hd 2, 1981; (hi In general and subiecl to uch hmilation and condiltons a arc, or may he prerthed hv la. to exercise such olher pqwers which nOW and/or hercafler ma, be conferred by laY, upon a corporattou organized for the purpose herinahove el forth, and necessary or incidental_Lo_ the powers so conferred, or conducive to th. at Jr lainment of Ihe purposes O f t he eOr[xratiOn" (i) To accept, acquire, receive, lake and hold, by bequest, devi:, grant, gift, pur- chase, exchange, lease, transfer, or other- w se, any prolx"r t v, both real and personal, O whmever kind and wberesoever situate. Th e corporalion shall not own or hold more re"[I property than reasonably necessary for ihe object s of t he corporation; (j) To sell, eschange, convey, morlgage, lease, transfer, or olherwise dispose of, any such prol'rt y, both real and personal, as the object and purpo* of the corporalion may rerluire, sobj tOsuCh limilations Its may'be prescribed bylaw; (k) To borrow money, IO make, accept, endorse, execute, and isue bonds, deben- tures, nmc, bills of exhange, and olher obligations of the corporation, for monies borrowed or in payment for property atuired, Or for any other purtx's of the corporation, and to sccure the payniRnl of any such obligation by mortgage, pledge, deed, indenture, agreemem, or other in- slrument:  .... (l To est ablLsh, modify,, alter tugl et fore such rules-and rulalious a may he necessary tO promote and sustain the state objects and Itrlxts for whkh the cot poraOon is organized, provided that any such rule may no! aheogal or modify any con- dition or restriction impoxed by the Declaralkm of Hodzonlal Properly Regime Ioethcr with Ibe Converlallt% Condilions and Rerariions of San Marco Squar II Condominiums. dated July 2,191. ARTICLE IV ORGAN IZED NOT FORPROFIT Thi,, corporation is and xhall he anon- profi corporation and shall have no capital stock. NO IIlrl of Iil1 net earning of the cor- poralion shall inure I0 Ihe t.neflt of, or he diMribut able LOO - Of" ficet% or  persons, cxcel Ihat the coqr'Ton shall be authorized and two- powered to pay reasonable conapent ion for servic'e rendered and to make payment and disiribulion in furtherance of the ptlrle t forsh iu Art icte IV. NO s.bstamial part of Ihe activilies of the corporalion shall he ihe carrying on of prolganda, or otherwise at- reap(ion to iuflunc |egi'lalion. and the orporllioa shall not participate in, or iDler- yen in (including ihe publishing or dirdrthution of statemems) nny political campaign on behalf of any candidate for Imhlk: office Norwithslanding any Other provisiou of there Articles. the Corpoti shall nol carry OB any Osher aclivili uoI r,emitted to be carried On Ca) by a cor- poratto exm.pt fr(a Federal Income Tax under Setit 501(cX3) of Ihe Inleed Revenue Code of 1954 (or I he correr4mnding provision Of any future Llnited States Imcr- I1,11 Revtmue Lawl or (b) by a corporalion COnlrihulioos tO WhiCh are deduclihte under Selio 170(chl) of the Intecnal Revenue Code of 1954 (or the corresponding provisioo o! any future I)niled S[llf Inler- M! Revemt LawL ARTICLE V VOTINGMEMBERSHIP The Ass(ialiOn shall have two dasse of vming membership: Class A: Class A mcmber ltll he all members with Ihe xc'eioo of SOWESCOo IN('., ao Arizona atton. the aul divider, and in Ih e'm of a bulk tmrtsfer of all onaold apartments, eactt lint immsferee. Class A mcmhe shall he enltt led IO one vole for  allnlneot OWlk-'d. W.hen more Ihan 4 Ot person holds an inteveM ta any Igaal, mere, all uch po'son droll he members. The 'ot for such apanmem shall be exeid they dermiae, Iml in o event ahldl more 1111111 or VOte he tle with i'g%let, I IO Ioy (a) The office'f" Of the eoP0:oraiion hall conI Ol a presidenl, vice preidenL secretars and treasurer. ',ho hal be elected by ihe Board ol l)irector and shall hold of- hoe for one year or ilnl il I hetr ucce',ors shall have been erected and qualified. Any tv, o or more office may he held h'. Ihe ame person. escepl the oftices of preNidenl and .;ecrelarv. (bt All vacancies that may (cur m the Board of Director or in any office ma. bc filled by the remaming direclor, and the per- son sO chosen to fill a acancy shaft rve durin lhe unexpired term of his predecessor or uniil n sueces,.or is elecled and qualified. (el The Board of Director ,,hall ha'e the above, anvwherein the world. C. In f0rlherance and not in limitalion of the powers conferred by the laws of the Slale of Arizona, Ihe Board of Director,, is ex- pressly authorized, without Ihe asshi or vote of 1he slockholders, to aulhori?e and issue bonds, debentures and obligations of the corporalion, secured or unsecured, and IO in- clude therein such prOVlslon a , IO redeemability, convertabdi[y or olherwise as .llCh Board of Direclors. in its discrelion, may determine, and to attthorize Ihe mor- tgage or pledging, a ectlrit y I hcrefor, of any properl y of I he corporal Ion, real or personal, includin after-acquired Droperlv power from time to time to provide for other D. To engage in 1he business of the ac- officers ot Ihe corpora ion, inchtdina but nn cumulation and loan of money bY lending t he mired to one or more assistam vice presi-I capta of he corporation and Mich olher denl% one or morn ass s ant -ecrelaries. and fund a il may from time to time lawfully One or more asqslanl ireaurers:The Irsons acquire, npon secnrity of real or personal elevled to Mlch O" ce need 11'.ol be nlember of I he Board of Direr or , ARTICI.I- VIII ' - I IMITATION OF LIABI I-IT3( The members of Ihis corpOratmn hatl forever be exempt from all corporale debt and liabililics .... ARTICI,E IX. INDEBTEDNESS The highest amoam of indeb edne o{ liability direcl or contingent, to which thi corporation is at any* time'tb sub ecl itself shall be IhC sum of Two Million Dlars ($2,000,000.00). ARTICLE X STATUTORY AGENT David Gerson, 29'/North Court Avenue. Tucson. Arizona, who has been a bona fide resident of Ihe State of Arizona for al least thl't years is hereby appoinled Statutory Agent of the orporstion for the State of Arizona. The Board of Directors may at its option revoke uch appoioImem and shall have t he power Io fill such vacancy. ARTICL XI EXISTENCE The corpoeaI*On sta=11 have perpelual cxtslence, "  ARTICLE Xll INCORFORATORS The names and addresses of the itor- porut ors are as follows: WI LLI AM GANSt.INE 6201 Pa.so Vtmtuso Tucson, Arizona gJ715 DAVID GERSON 297 Norlh COorl Avenue TucxOn, Arizona 85701 ARTICLE XII[ ISIST ..... I n Ilte oM Ihat I pall or provisiona Of th" Articles at iu COnflict or incoor, istcnt wish Ihe Dclacalion, the lerms ad prOvon Of Ihe Dednralion shall prevail and supereede such confiicting or mcon- sislenl provt,don, hereof. ARTICLE XIV AMENDMENTS Subject Io the terms and condt(iom beln el forlh..and exPsl subject tO II1 lernl  and conditions of the ratin, th Ar- ticles of lncorr, oration rely he amenmm, altered or repealed only by Ihe effirmalive vole of a maloritY of the voles of the me,(a b- bl. Of t he Assoiat iorl i hen enlit Icd Io vole a liny regutar or r4xecial melinF, in n or by proxy and if requ red by law. after pubiicaliOn in a newspaper having general Orcultlion in Pima Coum Y Arizona. ARTICI.E XV BY-LAWS The initial By-Laws of the Associatiou muy he lidopled by the Bmurd Of Directors heeein deignaled. Amendments . aheralions and repeal of 1he By-Laws may be made only upon lhe affirmative voe of a majorily of - V(Hes of the tnmlr of tint AssOialion 1hen mtlhled to vmc m any relmhtr or slcial meeling, in peon or by proxy. The By-l,aw and any amendments or ahtllions Ihero shall he valid only if corts, bntml with the D:laralion and the ArlK'I of luor- poral on. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, wc Itav hereumo set our hands th s 5 day of Januars 192. /s/David C'r On /s/William Gansline (ACCFiled Jan. 15. 19112) IPubl. aunt 10, |7,24.. 192) ARTICLES OF I NCOR PoRATioN ' OF PASTA PRODUCTIONS. INC. KNOW ALL MBN BY THESE PRESENTS: That , the ultdtigll, do hereby astuctate Omlttqvet together foe Ihe I1 of forming a eor,mio   twarof the Slate of Arizona anddlo I'abxJKkk Of I coePmt tnkRTICLE I 1"he nattws, tendences aod pro10WKe ad- dretJes of Ihe it ors Ire Is foliow: ARNIE JACOIEN 19S ,Scark Petal C, Mir#and IMJ TONIE JACOSIEN property a may be agreed upon belwtn?n the corporallon and Ihe borrowers, and h'. relen- ding in like manner the fund arising from such Ioan when paid, bul the corporation shall not have banking or discounting priviledges, E. To carry on and conduct any business nol conlrary Io the laws of Ihe State of Arizona. ARTICLE V Tbecorporation h iallyimendstoconduct Ihe business of owning and operating a restaurant in Tn, Arizoua, ARTICLE VI The amount of capital stock of this cor- poration ahsll be TWENTY-FIVE MILLION DOLLARS ($25,000,000.00) divided into twemy-five million (25.000,(0) shres of the par vldue of ONE DOLLAR 0 I .(30) each. Stock siudl be iasued when paid for io cash services, of propcTI y, and snan or issued ax fully pad snd Idol| he fortr nommmutbie. The jodptettt of the Board of Direclor as to ihe value of t he IX'Opert Y laken or st's6c rendered In ttcamlK for stock shall be conclusive in thealmce of fraud. ARTICLEVII The affair of tkit atlolt stroll bt' conducted by a Board of Directors consisting of not less Ihen two (2) and not more than tven f'/), wlto sllt be elected atttmIly b,/th uockhok's at the annual ming ol the slockholders and shaB SerVe for  year Or un i l t  successors are elt .ed  qualify. The officers of the corponltton shall be a President,  or mote e I"tldlts, as provided for in Ihe By-Law a Seclary a Treasurer. One or more offices may be filled  the ame person; such officers shall be ek'l ed al the annual meeting of the Bolte- d of Directors. The inilial Boltrd of Directors will consist of throe (3) dintor, who shall serve as direor urn31 the firtt annugl meing of the dm, or until their Su are creeled and havequalified. The inilial dtreCtor shall he: ARNIE J ACOIdN 6195 Sea rk"l Petal Columbia Mawlatld 21045 TON I E J AOI3tEN 6395 Scr Petal Columbia, Mar2105 RICHARDTOLTON 540 Willow l..an#A Murray. Utah 114107 ARTICLE VIII The DireclmS shall adopt By-Laws for the corporation and may amend the same, and Ihey shall have the power tO fill Ihe vacancies in t he Ixd of Directors doe t o any u. ARTICLE IX Privale propet y of the st ock holdk of this corporation is to be eXl from all cor- porate debls, ARTICLE X WAYNE G. ROD. Eaq.0 1161 N, El Dorado Place, Suite 241, Tucson, A zmm, who luut betm a bona fide residem of t he State of Ari'ona for more than three (1) years paSt is hereby tliOled the lawful or s[alutoey agcnl of thtt ortmtion for and on hehalf of said tt't, to uo" lind acknowledge service of all necessary Tlses  for all INl'pol reired by Imrd of Ohmtoes my at their ep- tiou revoke   and dmll have power to fill any R*h vacancy. ARTICLEXI This corporation shall Klnmnify any and all of its Of ficert and directort or former officers mv:l directors, aluitm lmttct ir, corred by Ihem, induding lepl f, or j udlprnts or penallk rendered or levied lmma my such 0erso in a lestl tctiot bronllht  an such person for actions Or Oathmtm amql to have  committed by aUy such penton while aettntl itbin the K.ope of his tma. p]nlenl Ii n llhllln I oBt;tl Of lhe .Cot t.  t. . a  tact limb dt, temdt m 11o04 mt[s tMtt wBfUlly wlIB  iIllillen=' '' 1 fa'ukmt " ceimtnti letttsM  relat'd t o t be mat lee hplsll in t ht alioa. ARTICLE XII The lttee of rids eorlmnRioa dudl be , ix.rpetmdlWtdai b/the  el'the Slate  r/ut==u, 111o Ba mr et tl  IN WITNESS WHEREOF. we lille tl direetor' te rectal dull Itold aY'e km md ull Ibeir .'cee h have eielnd aml qlifled. ( Tha lrd of It oes aludl he eted ftxl Ihe otemhrhip of the trlfatRm at aml meetmlt o( the memberr, of the cor- poration all be Ihe flrlTuesdav in (dl The anmml rnti,ma of 1he Bemd of DilO shall he held aonullly, on Ihe ftl Ttlledav in Febrtmry. (el Tke d of Dir te *mll exet all powel, rl cxprextlv whhheid froru tht, m by law or by tbe AIicI* of I m'orpotl . o IU a,, ach po a  in 'mflk:t With of t he t1111",,, Io bny. Kql oc olkerwite dimme Of, haildin uppllet. all tYm of machtntmy and my aad all onm of itmeml merchan- dise. either a! whoknk or retalk IO bey. ,.ll or vine and inhere, tee cemml .dtm, t of ock and bonds of this and oshet" O04'pOIIlios; Io Imqaltse and rllve its own tock and to borrow and tend motw; to execute mot-- lgages and bonds; to del in ommercial Per; IO mortgage, encMmbur and hecate any or ull of ita lwopey; to en. lee into parlnerh or joint venlures with et her I1 ural rKw'on Or corpoealtons for Ih