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June 24, 1982     Ajo Copper News
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June 24, 1982

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AJO COPPER NEWS, page IO LEGAL NOTICE ARTICLESOF INCORPORATION OF ORACLE PLCEINTERIOR DESIGN, - INC. AgTICLE I NAME The ramie of the orratton slaall he ORACLE PLACE INTERIOR DESIGN, INC; ARTICLE II PUltPO The purpole f wllidl this orltion is orgnuimd is fro, tim tmalactioa of any ns all lawfui ilmllem f0t vlal Imrpoc/lom may LEGAL NOTICE poration shall be conducted by a Board of Dirqtors consisting of one (I) or more in- dividuals as fixed by the By-Laws. The initial Board of Directors was: James C. Kitncr and n, Arizona 85"#05 Wallace N. Naron and Irhace A. N&amp;mn 4roll N. Valley Park Ave. Tocmn, Arizona 85705 Emerald F. Patrkk and Grace E. Patrick 4t71N. Valk.y Park AvemN be ineullK tlla laws of the State of Artmm u th nu  mutud from time TmmAmmtaa.m to Unte. TheMay kt Its own nmue Rohert R. Becket and lavat ttl dim  elll, naelages, Dortk M. kker stod boadmW  tYlm of Imvwtman- 41hi N. Valley Park Ave. , Arizoma 70 re, i y s Tim gnrrt Bensd of  wlto. to Ixiilm.TIMmybowfunds ew*e m dh'ectocl until tin  ammal m a m W/Wmm/hel. The cm- mwi of mtmld*n  reel thel mc- maited aml qiflmr: pi0m, empire IMg/k dmim8 plum, and 4M4 N. Gokl Avmme ether bemfl Idem. The mr- "lamLArimmi'q I nstty which i Itolm R, hckarld Domm M. I;Im 4r/! N, Valk Pmrh Ave. Arlmm. r i. ::!, a t i dmma im ilp.'rm / of t em- at tem  . of Jmmm7 1 31. ltk i J'r'- .....  -ag P.O.  321 . 4, fltde XII. Mmll hefe he Inlm-' bell Aflide XI. aml dsali Imofm be ar A...IglIDCAPAL AND COBIk P.C., an Adm,m mqtoratim aiaa ilodl ili iI llml valll of one dollar vaull Iddme b Sutta 50 Pimsall Pii (St .00} I'mmc ': V IlutiR J00 lh ne Avmm, Trauma, S'rA,OEthe t Arlama el, i here aplmmd ti Imd qma of th comattoe to aggt mt im nskaowkdga ervice aml  'xa amy be T ma tml atMm Matmnsy amlg f-tim iz THOMAS E. WllklO, 1011 Home]ee.tZa] BOARD OF DIJII']'ORS AND OF- of fottr I4) D TIN __ns who are to m've -- mmtOffl6 of the Cor- pomiom emil , ,mmual mcedul of sharamiden, e  tln m:eman are elected aml qmlaflld i ar fdilows: Steven L. Naui L Suite 204 Tucson, Arizolm Prelent and Director Noll DUh Oralle Rol d vice Presldma ud Dlmaor Thommm&lr 7225 NnsthM Road Snite204 Tucson, Arlzo 8704 Secretary, Tnmerar and Director CynthlaO'Rirke 7225 Nneth Oracle Road Suite 204 Tucson, Arizona 85704 Vice nt and Director ARTICLEVII INCORPORATORS The incorporators of tg .,grporati0n e Steven L. Naniniand DouJlas NTolI: - All powerS, duties anffresponsibilities of the iocorporatos cease at the time of delivery of these Articles of IncOrporation to the Arizona Corpm-ationCommtssion for filing. ARTICLE VIII DURATION The existence of this corporation shall be nernetual. ARTICLE IX PRINCIPAL PLACE OF BUSINESS The principal place of business of the cor- poration shall be 7225 North Oracle Road, Tucson, Arizona. W_HE _F, we Jmt eli'-s O Incorporation t[s 12dayof May. I12. /s/ /s/Douglas Noll (ACC Plied May 280192) (PubL June 17, 24, July I, 1982) ST ATE OF ARIZONA ARTICLESOi AMENDMENT TOTHE ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION KPNB, INC. Pursuant to the Wovisions of Section 10. 061, Arizona Busint Corporation Act, the undersigned corporation adopts the attached Articles of Amgndlmmt to its Articles of In- corporation. FIRST: The name of the corporation is KFNB, INC. SECOND: The document attached hereto as Exhibit "A" sets forth the amendments to the Articles of Ineorpoe/tion which were adopted by the shareholders of the cor- poration on the 20th day of May, 1982. in the manner prescribed by the Arizona Business Corporation Act. poration outstanding at the time oi SUCh adoption was twenly three Ihousand seven hundred fifty (23 750) and the number of shares entitled to vote thereon was twemy t h ree i hou sand seven hundred fi fl v ( 23,'750). FOURTH: The desigmtfion and number o f outstanding shares of each las or .series en- titled o vote hereon  a class or series were as follows: "  , CLASS- Commo/ SERIES N/A NUMBER Oil _SHARES 23,750 FIFTH: The number of each class or series entitled to vote thereon as a class or series voted for ol against such amendment, respec- tively, was: CLASSOR SERIES- Common NO. SHARES FOR- 15,834 NO. SHARES AGAINST- None DATED: May 20,1982 KPNB, INC. By/s/Robert R. Becket President By/s/Kareo A. gdsner Secretary STATE OF A RIZONA ) )is Countyof Pima ) The foregoing instrument wa acknowledged before me this 20th day of May, 1982, by Robert R. lkcker0 as President, and by Karen A. gisner, as Secretary of KPNB, INC., an Arizona col potation, cl behalf of said corporation. /s/Rhonda Groover Notary Publi My Commission Expires: Sept. 3, 1985 EXHIBIT'A  TO THE ARTI( 'LES OF AMENDMENT IOTHE ARTICI FS OF INCORPORATION OF KPNB, IN.. l. Article , II shall hereafter beas hqlow: The knoll place of business of the cor- pc, ration shrill be 4871 N. Valley Park Avenue, Tueson, Arizona 85705. I. Article Vl"<al] hereafter he as follows: Board of Directo'ts: The affairs of the cot- lerved with 811 necesaary progeu or pmm, in any action, lutt ol ptllmedlil8 1ill nly he benusht ngnimit t Jlllllpnsiiml, ia allF of the Courts of the Stale of Arttam and fe all anpoem reqnui I law. The Of Dirtors of th i"  my reve the aplintmant of the itamtory i M any time and shall have the IWar to vagancy in such pmition. (ACC filed May2,1, IN1) (Publ. June 17, 24, July I, I2) ARTICLESOF INCORPORATION OF STRICTLY ITALIAN, INE. I Tim mane of the tion is STRIC- TLY ITALIAN, INC. II The lmrlm for which this oelration it  is the transuctton of mty or all I bine for which tiom may be |acorporated under the laws of the State of Arizona, as they may he amend from time toting. III The corporation initially intends to con- duet the business of a fast food family rtaurant. IV The corporation shall have authority to issue l ,)0,)0 shares of common stock, par value o f $ 1.00 per share. V The name and address of the initial statutory agent of the corporation is Richard R. Marquis, Rte. 8, Box 706C, Tucson, Arizona. VI The place of business of the eorporation shall he 11210 E. Golf Links, Tucson, Arizona 85730. VII The initial board of directors and incor- porators shall consist of two parsons. These persons are to serve as directors until the first annual meeting of shareholders or until their successors are elected and qualified. The per- sons to serve as directors and incorporators are: Richard R. Marquis Rte. 8, Box 706C Tucson, Arizona Shirley Ann Marquis Rte. 8, Box 706C Tucson, Arizona VIII The corporation shall indemnify any per- son who incurs expanses by reason of the fact he or she is or was an officer, director, em- ployee or agent of the corporation. This in- denmifieation shall be mandatory in all cir- cemetances in which indemnification it per- mitred by last. Dated this 21 day of May, 1982. /s/Richard R. Marquis /W Shirley Ann Marquis STATE OF ARIZONA ) ) as. COUNTY OF PlMA ) Richard R. Marquis and Shirley Ann Marquis upon their oath depose and say: That they are the incorporators aforemen- tioned; that they have read the foregoing Ar- ticles of Incorporation and know the contents and that they have executed the same for that purposes therein contained. /s/Richard R. Marquis /s/Shirley Ann Marquis SUBSCRIBED and SWORN TO before me this 21 day of May, 1982, by Richard R. Marquis and Shirley Ann Marquis. /s/Judith B, Garella, Notary Public My Commission Expires: March 13, 1986 I, Richard R. Marquis. having been designated to act as Statulory Agent, hereby consent to act in that capacity until removed or resignation is submitted in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes. /s/Richard R. Marquis (ACC Filed May 25, 1982) (Publ. June 17, 24, July I, 1982) ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF STARRBUILDERS, INC. I. NAME The name of the corporation is STARR BUILDERS, INC. 11. PURPOSE The po for which this corporation.is organized is the trahsaction of any or all lawful' business for which cgrporations may heiocporated under the laws of the State of Arizona, as they may be amended from time to tite, and specifically but not in limitation thereof, the purpose of efigaging n the cow struction business as a general contraftor and any and all other business of any t what- soever going out of, related to or it any man- her whatsoever in connection with any of the items, businesses, relationsh|ps, purposes or powers described iri these articles. No enumeration herein set forth shall in any maimer be deemed to be exclusive of object or purposes not enemerated, but on inelndin8 all other and further o'SJeers and purposes of the same or similar type or character, regardless of how thin, vague, or indefinite the relationship or i:onnection may be. II1. INITIAL BUSINESS Die corporatiou initially intends to con- duct the business of providing contracting services as a general contractor. IV. AUTHORIZEDCAPITAL The corporation shall have the authority to iue One Million (1,000,000) shares of om. LEGAL NOTICE mon stock, par value One ($I .00) Dollar per share. V. STATUTORY AGENT The name and address of the initial statutory agent of the corporation is PATRICK J. FARRELL, Attorney at Law, 509 Tra Boilding, 17"/North Chur- ch Avenue, Ttaumn, Arizona 85"/01. V I. KNOWN PLACE OF BUSINESS The known  of busioc of the cot'- potation shill be 5326 East Seventh Street, Tucson, Arimu8571 l. VII. BOAILD OF DIRECTORS The bmtns mid IffaRs of the cortocation dull he mmqled by the Boed of Direct.o. The numhee of petlom ldllch shall onstitute the whole Boetdof Directors dull not he ie 0ma m (I) me than ten (I0). The ...... fir-- "_ _'7 It ('if nlft%'lor% in ai.'l:ordattce llh lllse Artidm all the By/m of thl mi- I, dmklm aIl mall theh" ceIn uIU hav heen eIIimd mI qlified, the luill Board of Dittml Ib eomi of two (2) dh, eaen, i1 t fdle Irmm Ihali  the iaitlui dingte of the ensptxmion: Jmld s31tFt llllISIraet l"uc, A/ili8 85 J I VlH. TORS The immlm,man of the m,lmien a.: JudilStan 5311 Flit Sevlllilnel Tucs ArllmlSJ711 lllidiINl 7459 I-a'l  h gCf't TUemL Afama I I0 AU posen, dutla mul reqonbPtfi of the Jocot3xxlc  rame at the tin. of delivery o f thele/tltiitl of I ncorporatmn to the Arimsm Cnspendion Commi*sion fce flUng. L IX. DISTRIllUTIOi FROM CAPITA SURPLUS The BOd of Dicton of the corperatim, may, frmn tlnm tO tla, dhtribeta on m pro rata be.h toitsdmfelaMer$ om of the capitui suc of the orptMIRk a porUo of its nssets, in ca0h or Imatty. X. INDEMNIFICATION OF OFFICERS, DIIL EMPLOYEES, AND AGENTS The corlratkm shall indemnify any per- son who incurs qx, mes by reason of t he fact that he or she is ns was an officer, director, employee, or agant of the corporation, in ac- cordance with the procedures more apecifically  forth in the Bylaws of the cor- poration. This indemnification shall be maw datory under all ctrcums in which in- demnification it permitted by law. XL REPURCHASE OF SHARES The Board of Directors of the C orporation may, from time to time, cause the cor- poration to porchare its own shares tO the ex- tent of the u and unrestricted ear- ned and capital surplus of the corporation. IN WlOF_e under- luned incolporator hac hereumo cl Oiclr nanas thtsT, Yth day of May, 1982. //Judd S!ilH /S/Ralp W. Miller ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF APPOINTMENT AS STATUTORY AGENT PATRICK J. FARRELL, having been designated to act as Statutory Agent of STARR BUILDERS, INC., hereby consents to act in that capacity until his removal or resignation is submitted in accordance with the Arizona Revised Statutes. /s/Patrick J. Far rell (ACC flied 1982) (Pubs June 17.24, July I, 1982) ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF LARRY M. NAHMIAS, M.D., P.C. 1, the undersigned, have this day formed a professional corporation under the Professional Corporation Act of the State of Arizona A.R.S. ssl0.901 - 10-909 (hercinaf. tel as from time to time amended, called "the Act "), and for such porlsose hereby adopt Ar- ticl.  of ! norporation _nfollows ARTICLE I Name The name of the corporation shall he: LARRY M. NAHMIAS, M.D., P.C. ARTICLE 2 Purposes The objects and purposes for which the corporation is organized, and the general nature of the business which it intends to transact, areas follows: A. To solely conduct the practice of medicine, including but not limited to, psychiatry, as permitted by the the Act and without violating any applicable laws of the State of Arizona or any applicable canons or standards of professional ethics. B. In its own name to invest its funds in real estate, mortgages, stocks, bonds or any other type of ivest ment, and to own real or pecsonal property necessary or appropirate for ren- dering its professional services. C. To do and perform any and all ad- ditional acts and things whatsoever, and to have and exercise any and all additonal rights, privileges, powers and authority, which are both lawful and ethical and whi, may he or become necessary, desirable proper, or convenient, connected with O. related or incident to any or all of tl, foregoing purposes or powers, and to haw any and all additional powers of every con ceivabie kind and character whatsoev. which are now or hereafter expressly o. otherwise conferred upon professional co porations by t he laws of t he State of Arizona. D. Provided, however, that the cot. potation shall not do or ,perform any act ot thing, or have or exercise any right, privilege, power or authority, which shall at such time be forbidden by the Act or by other ap- propriate laws of the State of Arizona or by any applicable ethical requirements or limitations pertaining to its professional ac- tivity. AR FI( I I Initial Bnsins The general nature of the business which the corporation initially intends to conduct is as follows: To practice psychiatry in the State of Arizona. ARTICLE4 Duration This corporation shall have perpatual existence and the xistene of the corporatiml shall terminate on the first to occur of the following events: A. The death of the last surviving hareholder. B. Voluntary or iiwoluntary dissolution pursuant to the laws governing the same for Arizona private corporations organized for profit. ARTICLE  Authorized Capital The authorized capital stock of this cor- poration shall he nine hundred thousand (900,000) shares of common stock with a par value of One and NO/100 Dollars ($1.00) per share; provided, farther thai A. Shares of stock of the corporation may be issued or transferred only to the cor- poration itself or to persons duly licensed in the State ofu'iZona to perform the same category of professional services for which LEGAL NOTICE t he cornoratin it Ial:md. . %.Villligl Htllk'q * tin "+ ]oi]o ttH? 1)1L' tlt.';lltl, insanity, Vbaakruptcy, retiremeut0 resignation, exp* !sion or other legal disqualification of a ehareholder, all of the shares of such shareholder shall he he trim- sferred tO or acquired by persons qualified to own such sham or by the corporation. Until such transfer is effected, such shares shall ot he entitled to he voted. The By-Laws of the tion shall rut the price or the method of computing the price, together with I aglule of payments theefce, for usquiri inch shares, in the ever,A the shar are ant otherwise acquired within id ninety 01 da by penarus qualifind to own tl mine. C. The corpottom may adupt By-Laws o emer tmo aSreemen with i mmldem further rmrktiem on the sale, aipment ns tramfer of iMm of it com- mon stock, ARTICIAE6 Rilht To PtmthamSbmu The ua, ptmaioa udl Iml rise rklla to. lsl ,apual ,tlrUh  o lhe CiW* ARTICI7 Itamm Pleceof Ilmlmm 'i Immm iwe of Ixmm of tl cm- imaea atall I. I$10 Ninth Kolb, Suite 219 Tmea, Arlzmml15715 Bm ml off:es aml ice fns ceadmi0 ARTICLE8 Statotory ABmt NIBIRK, IIEN AND COBB, P.C., u Arimmt mqration where mtlmm b mte e Ptem Pht Boadia 100 Ndt Avmne, Tuczon, Arimm 85"/01. 18 hereby appointed the lawful  of tl ceneratlm to m:qs and  w- vice and upou whom rely he lelved with d necmry pruce or . ia any aaimk mitm' Wocding that ntay he btoulht agakt- M thbeocpmmtion, io any of the Com ofdu! a of Arisom and foc all  rcqnimd by law. The Bem'l of  of this corpocation may revoke the almlatmnt of the statutory agent at imy time and shall have the power to fill any vacant',/i atdt Iitloa. ARTICLE9 Initial  of Directors, The affairs of the OrpocaliO shall he conducted by a Board of Diraetors onmtimo of ona or more iodivlduah as fixed by the By- Lawl. The initial Imu'd of Directors shall of one (!)  and the name and addrem of the parson who is to sel've ar Diretoe until the frst annual meetin of tareholdars or until his successor is elected and qualified is: Larry M. Nalamins 3690 N. Bear Creek Circle Tucson. Arizona 85715 ARTICLE IO lucorlmrator The name and address of the ioot'poratne is: Larry M. Nahmias 3690 N. Bear Creek Circle Tucson, Arizona85715 ARTICLE I I Further Limitations No person who is not licensed tO practi the aforementioned profession in the State of Arizona shall have any part in the ownership, management or control of the corporation; nor me, i_any_proxy tO vote any shares of the so licensed, except for anctnary parsonnm within the meaning of, and so permitted by, the Act, the shareholders, directors, of fut% agents and employees of the corporation shall consist only of individuals who ara licensed to practice the aforesaid profession- in the State of Arizona; and If any such shareholder, director, officer, ngelst or employee becomes legally disqualified to practice the aforesaid profession in the SUm of Arizona, his employment or offw.e shall forthwith terminate. ARTICLE 12 Liability for Corporate Debts The private property of each and eve shareholder, officer, and director of the col poration, real or personal, tangible or in. tangible, now owned or hereafter acquired by any of them, is and shall he forever exempt from all debts and obligations of the coc- poration of any kind whatsoever, except lut set forth in A.R.S. ss 10-905. 1N WITNESS WHEREOF, i, the il'd h;l e tlcrt'tltUO t'l in.s I1;tnd tlll 24 (I;t of May, 1982. /s/Larry M. Nahmias STATEOFARIZONA) )as County of Pima ) The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this 24th day of May, 1982, by Larry M. Nahmias. /s/John A. Smith Notary Public My Commission Expires: (ACC filed May 26, 1982) (Pubs June 17, 24, July i, i2) ARTICI.FSOF INCORPORATION OF MOUNTAIN WEST ENTERPRISES, IN(/. ARTICLT: I NAME The name (ff the ( trporalion is Mf)IJN- FAIN WEST EN rl: RPRISVS, INC. ARIel( I I II PIIRPOSF The purpoc tlr hich I hi COT poral ion i oranl,'cd i he Ir;naction of any or till lawful busine for which corporallons may be incorporaled under Ihe law ('it' Ihe Stale or" Arizona. as IIe max he amended from lime tO time. tnd petliticallv, htll not ill limitation lherfof, Ihe pulpot.' Ol ',oiling holel anti relanraut eqllipmelzt and tipphe .. ARTICI E III INItIAl BUSINESS The Corporation inilially iniend IO cou- duct the business of selling holel and restauram equlpmenl and supplies. ARTICI.E IV AUTHORIZED CAPITAl. The Corporation shall have authority in i,,,qle t he following: CI.ASS OF STOCK - Common NUMBER OF SHARES WITHOUT PAR VALUE -0 NUMBER OF SHAREg WITH PAR VALUE - I,.10 PAR VAI.UE/SHARE$1.C) ARTtCI.E USEOF( APITAI SI!RPI US A DISTRIBI JTION. Thc Itoard of Direc- Ior ot the C(rporallOn allaY+ Tt)lll lime In Hrle. diMrlhllle Oil ;1 pr rain bal.lO it,, corporation, a portion of its assets, in cash or prod-fly. R. RFPI RCttA%I" ()F SHARES. Fh Roard ol [)lreclor it" Ihc ( orporaliori Hla . . !rm r inle I o i line.  attic i lie Cr potation io il}rc[)<4c )] i%11, %11t1c% , 1he cxlent ol 1he ItlIrt.'L,CICL] ,lltl tlHlllled earned ,|rid lDii;tl il phlr o ]" i hc ( ,r ptr dllOll > AR[I t. I I VI " LEGAL NOTICE cumlance in which indemnihcation is per- milled by law. ARTICLEVII STATUTORY AGENT The name aud address of Ihe initial lalUlOry agell of the Corporalion is Oils B. Miller, 2585 Avenida San Valle, Tucson, Arizona, 85715. ARTICLE VIII DIRECTORS A. The initial Board of Directors shall cofl- ist of three (3) Directors. The persons who are tO serve as DireCt orl umil the firsl annual meeting of sharcbolders or until Iheir ql- t@d qtaf age as follows" 2M Avenidu San Valk Tnaoa, Arizolm 8571 $ Jadt Mervis 1 Aveidu S,m Valk Tuclml, Arizotsa 8571 $ Otil B. Mit 7Jl Avemkla m Valle Tmnmlh Arizlma IL$71 $ IL TI mmdv of parmm to  ea the IIedofshaB he futndbythe ARTICLE IX INCORPORATIONS m feilmn: 115 Avenidu Sin Valle Tucson, AriZom11115"71 $ Oils B. Miller 2115 A Sin Valse Tucson, Arizona 857 ! 5 All power, duties and responsibilitm the inoYporarot'! shall tease at the limi of delivery af tlu. Artiwhm of I -tO tha Arizona Corporation COI- mis for filing. IN WITNESS WHEREO htotwpaors  these Articl of Intrwwa liOD this I st day ofJ, 12. /t/Jam R. Miller .... //Olis B.A[Rler " - ........ STATE OF ARIZONA ) / )ss. COUNTY OF PlMA Oil t his I st day of June, 19112, before nw, a Notary Public, in and for said County and State, pevsonalby aplwared JAN R. MILLER and OTIS B. MILLER, Known to me to he the peon whose names are subscribed to the foregoin instrument, and acknowledged thai they executed Ihe same for Ihe purposes herein contained. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. I hereunlo set my hand and official seal. /s/Patricia R. Dumes Notary Public MyCommission expires: Ocloher 16, INS (ACC filed June I. 1.982) (Pubs, June 17, 24, July I, 1982) Tkursda LEGAL INI)I MNII'I( ATION FredA I'ar,lO [ he ( : I['lli ;i! II Ill .h.t[I illdcrnmf S ;in pt.f - O'( onilt:ll : AOtllle, F.( 1111 x ho Illctll  C\\;pctt e 1'+ I t';lOli Of Ihe t it:l 5(6 [. raln> Suite 3IX) lit' ftr ht" i or a ln t)ificr, direclor, era- Tucson. Arlo/fla 5712 Dlovee. or at-nl ot the (Jorporallllll. [11i it1 SlulNrior Court Seal demnifit-alil'in h;lit bt' iilandalor; in all lr UNDER RULE I0 (d) A.R.S. ALL WRITING, FILED IN q PAUL tmsa0 Plaintiff... OPAL COPELAND her role and seirasa  a muried woman in aml 1am an samtodu lila illill r,a**iAe=on, s bpmim Couct of the I the County of Pinto, I ug By ,Clerk OF The name of the The mlanized lathe business for which ted under Arizona, ns the to time. , ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF the business of o ZENITH PRODUCTIONS, LTD, KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: CAPITAL Thai we. Ihe undersigned, have asqlclared The orporation iogether for Ihe purposes of forming an issue Arizona Corporalion and do hereby adopt nopasvalue. I he following Art icles of I ncorporal ioa. I. The name of the Corporalion shall be ZENITH PRODIJCTINS. I.TD. 2. The duration of this ('orporation shall the corporation is be perpelual, whose address 3. The purpooflhisCorporalion hallhe P.C., 5656 E. Grant Io transact any lawful business for which ion, Arizona85712. Corporations may be organized in Ibe Slale of Arizona. KNOWN PLACE  4. The Corporalion iniliallv imend, Io The known place of en!lage in the fo[Iowint huirte,,: The sale poration shall he 1800 i and promotion of privale and public events son, Arizona85713. and publicalions ___ 5. The agregal'ero-f.hares which thi Cporalion hall have the aulhorily to The issue hall be one millinn hare v, nh a par value ofOue Hundred Dollar eaOi. ve as directors until the 6. The name and address of Ihe Inilial of shareholders Slatmory Agem n skcted and ERNEST H. JARVEI A dresses areas follows: 4434 Cat hy Circle D. 938-1551 Daniel P. Goldstein Glendale, AZ 85308 7642 E. Waverly Street 7. The number of Direclors on the inilial Tucson, Arizona8571J Board of Direclors shall he two The names MichaelS. Kroot and addresse,, of the initial Board of Direc- tor are: David W. Olenv 4617 W. Myrde Glendale. AZ 85301 Tucson, Arizona Deborah Johnson The number of 7016 board o 7016 N. Mockingbird I n. the shareholders at the ..'OI ldale. AZ 85253 meeting called 8. The names and addresses of Ihe Incor- I'iralorsare: by the ; David W. Olney 4617 W. Mvrlle Ilia] Glendale, AZ, 85301 directors. Ernest H. Jarvela 4434 Cal hy Circle D. Glendale, AZ 85308 //David W. Olney Incorporalor Daniel P. Go]dsteio Erne,a H. J arvela 7642 E. Waverly Street I ncorporat or Tucson, Arizona 857 i Jt Suscrihed and sworn in belore me. a MichaelS. Kroot Notary Public Iul'Mav i982 b FRAN('IN[:CUI I ARI Tucson j/l.S.!llla r i James N. Tyson Nmary Pnblic 11731 E. Tanqa I%1 Commission Expires: Juric 26, 1984 Tucson. (A('C Filed May 24 19821 (Pllhl. June 17, 24, Jllk r I. 19821 CAPITAL NO. 2141 may, CIVIL SUMMONS PlaintiffSOPHIACONDOS, surplus of the Defendants assets, in cash or MARION F. MARTIN; GLENNICE ,VlARTIN; ALTA LURENE SAHUALLA; RICHARD L. CLIENTON; SEAN THOMAS D. CLERIEGH, IV: COM- MONWEALTH lAND TITI [: A(iFNY orwasanofficer J OF" FU('SON.: and THE UNI rFD SIAIt S of the corporation. OF AMER CA; IOHN DOFS 1-10; XYZ shall be mandatory il CORPORATION I - 10; and lhe whichindemnification unknown heirs of any of lbe aboe named dPt!'ndenl. THE STA'I L OF ARIZONA to the above named Defendants may from time to I. A lawsuit has been filed against you. potation to purchase II If you do not want a Judgment taken alainst you for the relief demanded in the ac- companying Complaint, you must file a Response in writing in the Office of the Clerk of the Superior Court,.l |i Wr-i . oilgl:esr,, SHAREHOLDER Tucson, Arizona, accSmp]-'Vy t'e- . A at a necessary filing fee. A copy of the Response of one must also he mailed to the plaintiff/attorney whose name appears below. I11 The Response must be filed within orbyproxy. TWENTY DAYS, exclusive of the date of .-'rvice, if served within the State of Arizona, "yson or within THIRTY DAYS, excluisve of the /s/Michael S. KroOt date of service, if served outside the State of Arizona IV This is a legal document. If you do not understand its consequences, you shotdd seektheadviceofaaattorney, t-I '1 { I%%.R[)( 'iN WlTNES My Hand and the Seal of the Nollce , hc..'i, 3uperior Court. hmlc. ( ,.i,cil. DATED 5/27/82 hc ( h C , ,l < ,i !!IC Sla i' i C[ERKOFTHESUPERIORCOLR'I B,,.*rd !r t>.?,;I,,,1, ;i!i 'I1 DeputyClerk %,., ,,! .\\;H,,,,. PH(tNI. IJllil;i ( .lliiil x !fl d;llL 1, .tllli II;1 tlO! t.ccI1 t f ;it i h !t (lli lit' [:ix lllcl)d,l' [<ltllc ( tO21 .( .i]tu" Al/OSl:t I itt llil. Arl/,l!l,I  s?ltf . tPiihl, lilllt' 1l 10. I (Publ Jane 17.24. July I. II. 1982)