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June 24, 1982     Ajo Copper News
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June 24, 1982

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S, page9 Thursday, June24,1982 NOTICE PORAITON OF COR- le of the corporation TECHNOI.OGY ! purpose for which this for which cor- under the at they may he ntime. initially of research any and all eypes of compuler manufac- rihution of any&apos; aod all accorded cor- of the Slate of "" Corporation shall have v ONE HUNDRED 'm]'UO0l shares of common " 'JNF lot nn) DOI.LAR shall have, from 'e rhts as tO the authorized treasury ,lock. NO of Direclors of stock In which known place Of ,hall he 3333 N. Arizona initial Board of who : annual mfinF of their suOcessors are names and ad- L BOard of Direclors of qi from tlm to tt ".PrOrala basis tO its me capi,al su.,lu of me "m of Its as sL- r=, in cash or" Prolrly of each l all limes exempl of the col indemnify expenses by reason of an officer, dir'- the corporation. he mandatory in ndemnificafion is year of the cor- name and address of LEGAL NOTICE tO read a follows: "'ARTICLE V The term of existence of the corporation hall be per.'" 5. That the tecond nlence of the firsl paragraph of Article Vl he amended in it en- tirety Io read a follows: "=the number of directors shall be a fixed by the stockholders from time to time." 6. That Article VII be deleted in /Is en- tirety. 7. That Article IX be amended in its en- tirety to read as follows: "ARTICLE IX The name and address of the slalulory agent of t he torpor at ion it Larry R. Adamson Fish, Briney, Du ffield, Miller, Young,& Adamn, P.C. 711 Transamerica Building Tucson, Arizona 85701 or such other person as the Board of Direc- tors has subsequently designated." III. Two Thousand Four Hundred (2,400) shares were oUlslanding at the time of such adoption; Six Hundred (6(]0) shares of Class A and One Thousand Eight Hundred (I ,80OI shares of Class B. The number of share= en- titled to vote thereon was the Six Hundred (600) shaFes ofClas A. IV. All the outstanding shares cot/lied to vote thereon, to-wit: 600 Class A (voting) shares of common stock, voted unanimously in favor of said amendmem. DATED: May5,1982 AGM CARGO--TIES, INC. /s/Roger K, Stewart, President /s/Joyce C. Stewart, Secret ary STATE OF ARIZONA ) )ss. COUNTY OF PIMA ) THE FOREGOING INSTURMENT was acknowledged before me this 91h day of June, 1982. by AGM CARGO-TIES, INC., an Arizona corporal/on s by Roger K, Stewart and Joyce C. Stewart,'its Pr and Secretary respectively, for the purpo therein contained. /s/Larry R. Adamso Notary Publk My Commitsion Expires: 3-15-$6 (ACC Filed June 14, 1982) (Pu. June 24, July I, 8,19R2) ARTICLE.S OF INCORPORATION OF ADKINSSPRINKLING AND I.ANDSCAPING CONTRACTORS AND WHOLESALERS, INC. NAME. The name of the corporation i ADKINS SPRINKLING AND LAND SCAPING CONTRACTORS ANI WHOI.ESALERS, INC. DURATION. The duration of the cot" poralion shall he perpetual. PURPOSE. The Ilrpo for which this COl' poralion is organized is the transaction of an? or all lawful business for which corporation may be incorporated under the laws of t Slate of Arizona, as they may he amend from time to time. INITIAL BUSINESS. The corporalim initially intends to conduct the business, o watering and sprinkling. AUTHORIZED CAPITAl.. The cor LEGAL NOTICE [he corporation may, from time to time, distribute on a prorata basis to its shareholders out of the capital surplus of the corporation, a portion of its assets, in cash or property. ARTICLE X. Tbe private property of each and every stockholder, officer and director of this corporation shall he at all times exempt from all debts und liabilities of the toe- potation. The corporation shall indemnify any person who incurs expenses by reason of the fact he or she is or was an officer, direc- tor, employee, or ageot of the corporation. This indemnification shall he mandatory in all circumstances in which indcmnificatimt is permitted by law. ARTICLE Xl.of the..A'or- noraf(on shall  31 st. AKI ICLE Xll. The name and addre of the initial statutory Ogcn t of t he corporation is THOMAS MARKS, 1609 N. Via Dorado, Tucson, ArizOna8571 t. 'IN WI-WHEREOF, The i porator/nave  n're6ht6 set their Tiitm'l[lr 9thdayof June. 19112. /I/,']l'ho mas Marks //=/Louis V. Peralta I, Thomas Marks, having designated to 't as Statutory Agent, hereby consent to act in that capacity until removal or resignation is gtbmRted in accordance with the Arizona Revised Statutes. /=/'Thomas Marks STATE OF ARIZON A ) )ss. County of Pima ) The foregoing Article= of h+m-normtn,. were m:anowteolgeO otorc me this 9th day ot a June, 12,  THOMAS MA'KS I LOUIS V. PERALTA. IOd J. Rondelli Publk My Commi,ion ExpiRs: 'pt. 21,192 (ACCFiled June IO, 192) (Publ. June24, July I, 8,19112) ARTICLES OF I NCORPORATION OF SOUTHWESTERN COASTAL COR- PORATION KNOW AI.L MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: That we, the J,. do htreby iw.rclate ourselves together for the pust.s of forming '= cocpornllon unuer Ine laws of the Stale of Arizona and do hereby adopt, sign and acknowledge the following Artil of Incorporation. A RTICI.E I. The name of the corporation is SOUTHWESTERN COASTAl. COR- PORATION. ARTICI.E It. The duration of the corporation i rr - petual. ARTICLE Ill. The purpose for which this corporation i organized is the Iranac(ion of any or all hiliness for which corporalions may he fl- corr, oraled under the laws of the State of Arilona, as they may be amended from time Io lime, suhiet't Io ihe limiialions found in the by-law*, of I his corporalion. ARTICI,E IV. The corporation inilially intends o do the he corpora/ion Tuc- the incor- set their hands thi content In act in reslenat ion is Ihc Arizona ).s. I of I ncorporalion ol MARKS anti t 21,1982 1982) 1982) OF THE ID FOR THE GIVEN that the lint ed personal All persons ate are required four monlhs af- of this forever barred. her to Ihe nnder- ve at 1217 2nd. Ithecourl. Yarhe[ry RATIONOF of Arizona under- ubmils the is AGM ent. tO the At- by (he on April 2 I. by the On Act: Articl of In- o read , INC." t/rely and InVlended in its en- the pur- as they bns hess lO he producls, flems Of a and/or for ap- poralion shall have authorily to issue I0,0 following: real estate investments and fin- shares of common stock of the par value O antes, ARTICLE V. $ lB.00 perehare. PREEMPTIV.E RIGHTS. The holders o the common stock of the corporalion sha have preemplive rights as to any such stoc hereafter authorized tO be ist'd. STATUTORY AGENT. The name an, addres of {he initial Malutorv agent for th corporal/on is: Edward C. Vincent 940 S. Craycrofi Tucson, Arizona 8571 I BOARD OF DIRECTORS. The inili Board 9f Diretors will consi,l of two dire Iors. The persons who are to serve as di,. torn until the first annual me.ling o shareholders or u nlil ( heir successor, arc elet ted and qualified are: Jeanne E.. Adkiw, 5444 E. Ft. Lowell Tucson, Arizona 85712 Raymond Adkins 5444 E. FI. Lowell Tucson, Arizona 85712 INCORPORATORS The names and address of the inco pora,lors Ol'lhi corporalion are: Edward C. Vincem 940 S. Craycrofl Tucson, Arizona 8571 I Ravmond Adkin 5444 E. Ft. Lowell Tucson, Arizona 85712 TRANSFER OF STOCK. Stock of this corporation shall not he transferred or con- veyed or otherwise disposed O1" without the wrillen consenl of all hareholders. The initial shareholder in thix corporation hall be the above-named direclor and incof poralor. //Edward C. Vincent /s/Raymond Adkins (ACe Filed June9, 1982) (Publ. June 24, July 1,8.1982) ARTICLESOF INCORPORATION OF SPACE VIDEO CORPORATION ARTIC'I E I. The name of the corporalion isSPACE VIDEOCORPORATION. ARTICLE II. The purpo,,e lot which Ihis corporalion is organized is the I ransac(ion of any and all lawful business for which cor- porai/ons may he incorporaled under Ihe laws of lheSlale of Arizona, as they may he amended from time to time. ARTICI.E Ill. The corporalion initially intends In engage in Ihe business of research and developmem of any and all types of satellite communications systems. ARTICI.U IV. This corporation hall have all power' and privileges accorded cor- poralions under the laws of the Stale of Arizona. ARTICLE V. This corporation shall have authority Iu issue ONE HUNDRED MILLION (100.(0,000) shares of common slock, par value of ONE ($1.00) DOLLAR per share. A RTICI,E V I. The holders of the common stock of the corporal/on shall have, from time tO time, preemptive rights as to the common stock then or thereafter nuthorized to be issued, including treasory stock. N resolution of Ihe Board of Director! authorizing the issuance of stOCk to whl preemive right 'hal at ach may rerlUtr such rights Io he exercised wilhin less than sb ty (60) days. ARIICI.E VII. The known place O business of the corporation hall he 3333 N Campbell, Suite4, Tueson, Arizona 95719. ARTICLE VIII, The initial Board o Directors shall consist of two member',, wh shall ,crve until the first annnal meeling o the shareholders or Llmil their StlCCesors ar lecled and qualified. The names and ad dresses of I he im:orporat or,,. w ho are also t h initial Board of Directors, are: THOMAS MARKS 1609 N. Via Dorado Tucson, Arizona 85715 IOUISV. PERAI,TA 2f3 N t6 h S reel Su,lel!. Phoenix, Arizonag008 ARTI('I.I- IX. The Board of Direclor o+ The amount of capital stock of Ibis cor- poration shall he One Million (I,000,000) authorized r, hares of stock having no par value. Shares shall he iued when paid for in cash ervices, real or personal property, lea,% oplions to purchase, or any mher valuable righl or thing for Ihe use' and pof of the corporation, and all share of capilal lock, when isued in exchange therefor, shall thereupon.and therehy become fully paid. Ihe same as though paid for in ca,h and shall he forc,'er non- as,.,able. The judgment of Ihe Board of DirCct or honest ly exerci.d as to the value of the properly taken or 'rvices rendered in ex- change for ,;hare., of stock shall he conclusive in the ab+ence of fraud. ARTICI.E VI+ The name and addre, of the inilinl slalolorv agent of the corporation i SID- NEY Y. KOHN, 5151 Easl Broadway, Suile 570. Tucson, Arizona, 85711, for and on hehalf of Ihi,, corporation Io accepl and ack nowledge service of, atul upon whom may he srved all necessary proces or p r oc'es ., in any action, uit, ot prrv=ecdine Ihat may he had or broughl against Ihis corporalion m any of Ihe court s of Ihe Slale Ot Ari,,ona,,och service of proces Or nolice of acceptal' Ihereof by Ihe aszenl endorsed (hero-on IO have I he ame force alid e I't'cl as i f er ed uon f he president and secret arv of t 11i corporat ton. ARTI('I.E VII. The inilial hoard of dweclors will conil Of lwo (2) dirclors. The person who are I0 ser. ve a director Ilntil lhe l'irl annual meeting of harehokler or unlil their nccesor are ek'cled and qualified are: Jan ('anldto 2.+I N. Shade Tree I ane Tnt'on. Art/non Joseph I)aniel,, IMI N, Sanla Rosa Tucson. Arizona ARTICI.E VIII+ The name and addrc, of each incor- poralor is: Cynlhia A. Prasek 51.1 East Broadway. Snile 570 Tucson, Arizona 8.711 Sidney Y. Kohn, I:cl. 5 I. I Earl Broadway Stme 570 Tncon. Arizona 8571 I IN WITNESS WHEREOF lhe aid Incor- rmration t hi 4th day ol June, 19R2. /s/Cynthia A. Prasek /,,/Sidney Y. Kohn (ACC June4,1982) (Publ. June 17.24. July I, 1982) ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF i'T BAPTIST CHURCH OF AJO, AZ KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: T , the undmilned, of THE FIK- ST BAPTIST CHURCH OY AJO, AZ, all In AjO, COUOty of Ptmu  State of Arbon hereby acting under the direction and authority of the atahehip of tald chmgh, do mutually agree to unite mamdlte ouredve= tolether, for the imrlmle of orBauizlng a non-profit ralilliOl, and charitable orpoflon n- dor thela of the St Of Arim 4 for sod| I'po  herc ndopt the followill tide= of tneneporatio: ARTICLEONE The me=. reskleace= ud ixt office nd- drcmaa of the lacorpow are as follow: l..eml Wiley = 1000 North Thm, AJo, Ag S$321; Frank DeWitt - 1241 Noeth Wnthitqlgo, Ajo, AZ 85321; aad, Hqlller - 911 Morondo Avenue, Ajo, AZ 85321. The mune of this corporntion shall he First Baptist Church of Ajo, AZ', and tts princill office and plac of buldne aludl be 740 Rocalla Avenue, (Mailing addrc: P,O. Box C), Ajo, in the County of Pima, Arizona. or at such. other place= a= the Board of Trustees shall from time to time. dhnate. ARTICLETWO This corporation shall be a non-profit orlpudzl.ion, and shall exist for religious, educational and eleemosynary pnrpose= LEGAL NOTICE only. ARTICLE THREE The purpose of this corporation shall be to maintain, own and have a place for religious trainina and worshin: tn oromote th readi and study the Holy B ble as the revealed word of God; to promote the teaching and preaching of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Chriat: to oromote, maintain and defend the principles and failh of the Christian Religion; to 'omote and maintain the talhinlp, doctrines and polity of the Battist Faith, ususally and universally known and dedlptared as Mis$iormry Baptist=, uffiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention of the United State=; to acquire the ownership of all property, or llsets-- real, personal, or mixed, whlch are now held by auy per,son or l.m for the benefit of said Firsl pliSl C;hurch;" to purchase, acquire, ow, hold, lease, mdq'=- tlage, encumher, II or convey any real or pen, otsal Wolty of any kind whatsoever, when so instructed by a vote of the member. ship of =aid church; to borrow money and Eume evldenc of indebtedu, to mo4pq Iml pledge any of its property to secure such indebtedness; to publish and br0ica rdisious and edueatiomd  and infor- rattan; to d Ichonb, kims, aung, des and mons for religio and IlCnecal instruction, education and training and to provide truml:ammion facilities in or for such work, all of which may he doll wh so im,'tructed by a vote of membership of church; and to have and exeecise all other pmve, and to do all other cts and thinl=, which it may lawfully have or may lawfully do UI, the laws of the State of Arizorta that .may..be deemed necmuT, Cony .es. t0 ad- visable or desirable in accomplishing or tarring out in . with Is  and objective. ARTICLE FOUR The date of commencement of thb or- ion shall he the date the=e mltcle= n the ofi'loeof the Arizona Corporation Commiion and the Ix'rind of the duration Of the life of this enrporution  he twenty- five yearl, wi(h the Hght of IUal coa- tiauauce as provided  law. ARTICLE FIVE The private and individual property of the ==ember= and officers of thi= corporation tree he liaMe for but shell he forever e=mml from all debt= and Ilabilitic= of the =xrution. ARTICLE SIX There dtall he no capltni starlit of this col proration, but in lieu thereof, shall he m<m. bes,hi.  endudvely of tlae per- who are member= of id church cor- porution, which dudl include all the member= Of Mid church, who lure in full fellow=hip amd BOnd standing ar determined by the by-laws Ofsuid corlmratkm. ARTICLE SEVEN The telPd and Ima nffalm of this col IgUtiOn Ilsall he conducted by a board of threc U'usrs and all other duly elected of- Ik who lhall he  from the memlr. ddp of said church at the annual meeting of mid church to he held on the Wednesday af- let the first Sunday in September of Each year, hereafm'. The Board of Truste, who are the incorporators of thb who have been duly elected by the member- ship of said churchat a regulaHy c[d lee'l+ in g of said church of September 7. 1981 are Leon Wiley, Frank De Wit, and Cecil Hegler, Und shall serve as 'mCh truste until the negl annual meeting of said church, or until their mccemm are duly elected and qualified, if a vacancy shall occur in the Ierd of Trestee=, at any time before the unnuel meeting of the church, such vacancy may he filled by elec- tion at any rcgular monthly bus/nee= naming ofthedaurch, - ..... due notice of such eleciion"hivfig -n given It a previous meeting, Any iwenly.five (25) memher of said church corporal/on hall constitute a quorum for the transaction of any and all business. All matters of business, legal or some regular boisness meeting Ihereof. ARTICLE EIGHT The Board of Trustees may adopt by-laws for the conduct of the bine=s of the cor- ration. and such by-laws slulII he approved the membe of said corporatioo nt =my regular bu=iness mecfiog of said church. ARTICLE NINE I'h statutory agem of I he corporal ion el.. fective February 22, 1982, shall fie-Walter M. Moore, who has been a bona fide resident of theSutte of Arizont for more than five years last pasL aud whose place of residence is 2160 North ,jo-G/la lk*nd Highway. Ajo, AZ 85321. ARTICLE TEN No part of the net earning of the cor- porution shall inure to the benefit of, or he distributable to its members, directors, of- ricers, or other private persons, except that the corporation shall he authorized and em- powered to pay rensonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments and distributions in furtherance of the purposes set forth in Article II. No substantial part of the activities of the corporation shall he the carrying on of propaganda, or othewise at- tempting to influence legislation, and the corporation shall not participate in, or inter- vene in (including the publishing or distribution of statements), any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office. Notwithstanding any other provision of these Articles, the corporatioo shall not carry on any other activities not permitted to he carried on: Ca) by a or- poration exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501 (cX3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, (or the corre=pondiog provision of any future United States Inter- Revenue Law) or: (b) by a corporation. enntrtbutions to which are deductible under Section 170(cX2) of the Internal Revenue Code of 19S4. (or the corresponding provisions of any furore United States In- ternal Revenue Laws). ARTICLE ELEVEN Upon d/sr, oiution of the corporation, the Board of Directors, shall after paying or mak/og provision for the payment of all of Ihe liabilitie= of the corporation, dispose of Idl of its  egclusively for the urnos n the corporation in such manner, or IO Arizo- na soulhern Baplist Convenlion or Io such organizalions organized and o"ex: elusively for charitable, educational, +=room J&dl at the time quality as an esempl organlzllon or otions under Seli6n 50"[ (cX3) of the Immd Revt Code of 1954 (or the corresponding provision of any future United PRate= Internal Revenue Llwi) is the Bourd of Directors udl deferrals. Any such mcts not dlspo/ of shldl be dbposed of by the Superior Coort of the COunty in W. principal office of the corporation ts thef |ocated, exclusively for such puflOSes or to such organhmtion or organizations as =aid Court shal determine, which are organized and operated exdusiveJy for such pu tpres. ARTICLETWELVE These articles Of incorporation have been lted tO and approved by a majority vote the memhe' of said First Baptist Church Of Ajo, Arizona, at a rerdlarly called business meeting of said church, held on May 12,1982. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set our hands and meals t his 12th day of May, 1982. /s/Leon A. Wiley /s/Cecil Hegler /s/Frank DeWitt +1. Walter M. Moorc. having bn LEGAL NOTICE designated to act as SlaltHorv Agent. hereby consent tO act in that capacity until raoved. or resignation is submitted in accordance with the Arizona Revised Statutes. /s/Walter M. Moore STATE OF ARIZONA) COUNTY OF PIMA )ss: On this 12th day of May, 1982, before me. the undersigned officer, personally appcm'ed Leon Wiley. Frank DeWitt, Cedl Hqgler, known to me to he the parsons whole name= are subsv/bed to the within imtrumem and acknowledged to me that they executed the same for the pu therein contained. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hn- to set my hnl and officil] st." /s/E. F. Hoghes Notary Public La Mina Tstmasters My commi=$iou expire= May 31 st, 192 (ACC filed Muy 18, I12) Meets 2nd ond 4 Mondays (Publ. June I?, 24, July I, 1982) 6:30 p.m. Copper Coffee Shop IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE - + STATE OF ARIZONA IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF PIMA No, p 98 NOTICE TOCREDITORS In t he Matter oflhe Etale of HELEN McBRIDE, [.. To ]he CREDITORS of Ihe E*lale of HELEN McBRIDE. deceased. NOTICE IS/HEREBY GIVEN ihat ihe nndersigned hns been appoinled nal re.,n,+,e of ,h,, e,,a,e A,,  .... LosCabellero&Club having claim', agnihsl Ihe estale are reqnirl wilhin four momhsaf- of Aio lO pr,enl t heir clalm tee the date of ih first puhlication of this nmice or the claim, will be forever harrcd. Mtg Ist Rnd 3rd Wed. 5:30pro Claim, mut he prescm'd IO the nnderiant personal repre.ent alive al I.AW OFFICES of VINCENT & GJURQEVICH, 940 S. ('raycrofi, Tuc',n, AT. R.ti('I I I. DATED Jtme 3,1982. /s/.mt W. Web,nero Persomsl Rpeesenl at iv (Pnbl. June I0.17, 24,1921 ARTICIESOF INCORPORATION " OF WAYNE GII.BERT&COMPANYARTICI.F I The name of Ihe corporation i, Wayne (iilbcrl &Company. ARTI(1.E II The purpo,, for which Ihis corporation i,, 'lill i  orgnni/ed i'* lhe Iran,aCliOn of al1, + I;I'*I'III blliness for which L'orporalious may  in- corporated under lhe latt, of the Slate (I,I'  l,,z/ / / / Arizona. ns lhey may he amcnded from lime Iolime. ARTICLE III The,;orpor;lliOll InUlaI1 inltNld lOClnd,n.l ithti,,t),sol,aOL,)):,L,o!en;incef - AmericRn Cillzens SoiBI Club in,urancc policie,. Meets I st & 3rd Wednesdays ARTICI.E IV 7 p.m. The corporation shall hae anlnorily IO i*,Mle I00,000 h;Ire of conlnlon Mo'k. "  hatiott a par .ralne of one dollar I$1.00) I.'r Loyol Order of Moose ! 593 share. ARTI('I F V '. P++t., The oame of Ihe inilial %latutorv alenl of Ihc ,:orporation i Wavnc E. (idherl whoe addres i 4400 Earl Rrfldl.lv. Suile 604. Tuc,,on. Arizona 8571 I. ARTICI E VI The inilial I)arl of direclor hall t'ooil of one I I ) direcl w. The rt,,n w h o i I o ,,r vc as dire'lot unlil the I'irl annl+al meetinu of Meels l"f3rd Tues. of the month xharehohler% or unlil hi MIt't'e,'..or i elec- Of 7:30 p.m. Ot tcd and quali I'iod and hi rt.'ct i ' addre P, a, t"nllow: MOOSE LODGE Wayoe[.. Gilher Melvin Kornock Secrefory. 6339 North CalninoMiras al I uy,-,, A / g5718 The nnmher of pr son . I 0 .r " e on I he b,''l rd of (lir.,Ior hall thereaftt'r h, fisod in the manner providcdinthe Bvlas. AJO LODGE NO. 36.F ond A.M. ARTI( I EVIl The incorporator of I he corlralilm and Iheir respeclive addrese are: Wayne E. Oilher 63]g Nort h Camino Mira al lucon, AZ g57 t g Snzanne M. (iilherl 6139 North ('amino Mffa. al Tucson, A/g571S DATED:5/24/1982 Meets third Wednesdoy of nonth /I Wayne E, (iill'rl 7 : 30 p. m. //Stt/annc M. (;ilhcrl (A('C Eiled May26,19821 (Puhl. June lit. 17.24. 1992) KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS Fother George Feeney Council Aio .o. s,7, Branch Libm @ Hours Mon.-Thurs. 10a.m. tolp.m, lstg3rdThurs.-7:OOprn. 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. Otd Greenwoy Moon,on Fri. 10a.m. tO6p.m. Sot.- Sun. CLOSED Co lumbion Squires Sundoy ofter .1P.o.m. Mass each weekendot.. r THE ROTARY CLUB Meet every Thurs. - 12:10 ot COPPER COFFEE SHOP BP.O.E. Elks LodgeNo. 1576 O Meets 1st& 3:1 Thurs eoch monlh ot 8:00 p, m. The de-ft of equa-]i/Y is W' that we only desire it with our superiors. NOTICE OF SALE OF ABANDONED MOTOR VEHICLES NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. that putsmtnt to Section 28+|405, A.R,S., the urn:let- signed may scll at public auclion to Ihe highest bidder, Ihe hereiafler described vehb:les, .Sale of the vehicles will he held in PIMA COuNY, at Ihe places, limes and on tbedatesas set forth below: AREAS 1962 GMC PU VIN: Lso3 P 13703 Sale IO be held at Aio Auto Wrecking, 3755 Ellimt Road, Ajo, AZ on July 15, 1982 at I:00 PM RY:/s/Ruhy M. Lowry. SnpervisOi" Abandoncd Vehi,:l Sevt iof Mfuor Vehicle Division (Puhl. June24. 19921